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Basketball Wives L.A: The Ladies Return From Vegas & Take It to the Ring and Is Kimsha Artest Still Apart of BBW?

Doug and Jackie break it down.
These ladies say they don't like Draya but they sure as hell spend a lot of time talking about her.

This weeks episode picked back up with Jackie and Doug Christie's wedding celebration after the couples 17th wedding. 

Everyone goes out to party afterwards and here comes the convo about Draya deciding not to come to Jackie's wedding. Laura even says Draya is out of the circle. Oh gosh, here we go with this "circle" nonsense again, just like on Basketball Wives. I guess these ladies think it'll hurt someone's feelings if they're not included in this circle.

Well there is always the odd ball out on these shows and the ladies picked their target: Draya!

While partying, Imani see's Jackie and Doug kiss and she has a mini break down and starts crying. She says she gave her ex all her love and feels like she has no more to give. Imani said she wants love like Jackie and Doug's love.

The next day, Laura, Malaysia and Imani go out to brunch before the ladies leave Vegas. Imani says her behavior at the party was inappropriate and says she just doesn't see herself giving that much love to a man ever again. Laura starts talking about her past relationship and said she kept going back, it became a cycle which eventually started becoming normal.

"Imani and Laura's stories about their past spouses had my mouth to the floor. Cuz I cant imagine having to go through the things they were talking about that was very normal for them. That's not normal by any means necessary and I'm really appreciating what I have," Malaysia said.

Laura tells Imani if you feel like you're broken you have to rebuild. "I think Imani needs some good d**k then she'll be alright after that," Laura said.

Laura later on goes to visit a family therapist. She says she needs to get so stuff off her chest and said one major concern in her life is anger management. Laura said when she got into the physical altercation with Malaysia on the first episode, it wasn't even about Malaysia, instead Laura just saw, what she calls, her list of garbage.

Laura said her past relationship has a lot to do with how she is now. She said the relationship was chaos and her child's father was controlling.

Laura gets back with her ex and says, “We Got That Ghetto, Crazy, Dangerous Love”

Malaysia meets up with Draya to figure out why she didn't make it to Jackie's wedding. Draya tells Malaysia there were a lot of things going on for her not to show up. Draya tells Malaysia when she revealed that Jackie asked the ladies, "do you think I should invite Draya?" that made her realize she wasn't wanted.

Malaysia says she didn't say that and said she told Jackie not to invite her since she doesn't know her. Malaysia realizes she made Draya feel uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that she didn't show up at the wedding so Malaysia tries to twist her words around.

Basketball Wives LA JET Mag
The latest of the BBW L.A. cast
on the cover of Jet
Draya tells Malaysia that Jackie even asked her to dance at her wedding. Draya said she doesn't want to look like the nice girl while everyone is talking about her behind her back.

Draya said she's disappointed in herself because now she gave the ladies another opportunity to talk about her while she wasn't at the wedding.

"Why am I a topic when I'm not around? I shouldn't be that relevant to people," Draya said to Malaysia.

Later on, Draya meets up with Jackie and right off the back she gets into the reasons why she didn't attend Jackie's wedding. Draya tells Jackie her conversation with the others girls on deciding whether she should attend or not, was the turning point and she didn't feel welcomed.

Jackie tells Draya she invited her anyway against what other people said.

Jackie said if Draya wanted to be down with the clique then she would have attended. So Draya apologizes to Jackie and Jackie sets her straight. She tells Draya in the future, next time go straight to her, don't talk to other people about her.

Jackie feels like Draya is a lost girl and feels like Draya is trying to test her. Later, she meets up with Gloria and says Malaysia should have said something about influencing Draya's decision. I love how Jackie didn't bring this up to Malaysia after all.

Gloria talks to her fiance Matt Barnes, about throwing a Botox party. He doesn't understand why she wants Botox because she's young so he makes a deal with her. He says to Gloria that she has to give up her body to him, sex on-call for three days if she gets the Botox, lol.

Gloria, Laura and Imani hit up the gym to work out and Imani and Laura can't stop thinking about sex. Imani says she hasn't had sex in a few years.

"It's difficult being a normal size woman in L.A.," Imani said. She wants to get herself together since she'll be out on the dating scene now.

Laura later finds out that Draya has been calling someone and giving out details on what she has been doing and says Draya also talked about her children.

"I feel like I wasted an a** whoopin' on Malaysia," Laura said. "...She needs to find her balance of being in the circle because at the end of the day she's just going to get her feelings hurt or get her a** whooped."

So Laura is fuming that Draya is talking about her business and says she doesn't want to be associated with Draya period.

Draya and the rest of the ladies go to mixed martial arts. The trainers show the ladies certain kicks and techniques. Everyone gets paired up to go in the ring and Laura lets out her frustrations in the ring on her sister Gloria. After the two finish play fighting, Laura calls Draya in the ring.

The tension is thick as Laura prepares to whoop Draya's a** and we don't get to finish watching it until next week. I hate when the show ends on the good parts!

After apparently trash talking her children, Draya is certainly Laura's punching bag.
Laura and Draya going at it in the ring

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Where is Kimsha and Tanya???

Lately the show has been all about the ladies bashing Draya and also centered around Jackie and her man. Tanya is actually not a main character on Basketball Wives L.A. but Kimsha is, where is she?

Well I found some information while surfing around the web and supposedly Kimsha posted this on her Facebook when fans started asking her where she went:

“i see they cut me off the show and left buckle a– b*tches. Shaunie oneal can kiss my a**, she kisses a** to that Evelyn b*tch and gets the b*tch who f*cked her husband and cut her a check but cant handle a real woman. FOH!” - Kimsha
Dang, somebody is mad. See what else Kimsha had to say HERE! And she's talking about Laura, who is known as that chick who messed around with Shaq while he was married to Shaunie.


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