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Charlie Sheen Gets Crazy Paid from Two and a Half Men & Premiere Video

Two and a Half Men premiered without Charlie Sheen on Monday. Did you watch? The show had its most-watched episode on its premiere for season 9.

They had Sheen's character die off the show, getting hit by a subway train and his body exploded and then was cremated only to have his remains accidently thrown in the air as Ashton Kutcher's character shows up. Wow, what a way to replace somebody. And Ashton plays an internet billionaire by the way.

But all is good for Sheen, I'm sure, because he settled his lawsuit with the show and will be receiving between twenty-five to a hundred millions dollars! Now that is winning!

And, he may also get more due to syndication rights for the show over the next 7-10 years, according to TMZ.

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