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Jersey Shore: Snooki Is Over Jionni and On Someone Else In the House

Snooki realizes that Jionni is all the way gone after his rush to leave the house on last weeks episode and she frantically tries to get in touch with him. This guy traveled across the world to see Snooki and didn't even spend a whole day in Italy!

"I think Jionni is not going to talk to me again and I love him," Snooki says and she starts to cry.

While searching for Jionni on her own, Snooki stops at a bar, drinks and dances by herself while announcing to on-lookers that she's heartbroken. She gets back to the house and calls her dad and tells him Jionni left her.

"If he knew this was gonna happen he should have not came," Snooki's dad says to her.

Jwoww realizes Snooki is crying hysterically and decides she can't stay mad at her from her outburst in the street on last weeks episode.

Jwoww gets in contact with Jionni and begs him to talk to Snooki and he agrees to talk to her really quick and she starts sobbing like a lost puppy.

It's kinda sad when Snooki arrives and Jionni tells her he has to leave anyway because his mom changed his ticket. But then the two of them walk hand in hand and talk about the club night. So is everything cool now? Nope!

Back at the house, Vinny and Pauly punk Deena and put a bunch of furniture and crap on top of her bed and this was too funny!

Vinny said the rules are; when you get punked in the house you have to clean it up yourself. So Deena winds up having to remove all the items off of her bed which is a very funny moment because she's so little and the pile is so high. And a couch falls on top of her and she gets stuck underneath.

Later on, while the roomies are on their way to a club, Deena says she missed her period and says the whole time she's been in Italy she's been emotional and thinks it's sign of pregnancy.

So Deena confides in Jwoww and tells her she may be pregnant and said everyday she gets dizzy. The two leave the club to go on a search to find a pregnancy test at like two in the morning so Deena can stop worrying.

Deena starts crying about how she doesn't want to look like a whore. The two return to the house, Deena takes the pregnancy test and the results are negative. I'm glad for her. Deena with a baby, umm no. Lol.

Back at the club, Snooki quickly seeks revenge on Jionni and dances and grinds on dudes at the club.

The next day Snooki calls Jionni and he has some words for her. Jionni tells her she was dancing like a pig infront of him on last weeks episode because she was lifting her dress up in the club. He said girlfriends don't do that to boyfriends they care about. So Snooki tells Jionni he's making her feel really low and says she's not happy

"This whole time I've been depressed because of you and I'm not being myself," Snooki said to Jionni.

"You're drunk seven days a week, you're hooking up with girls and you're dancing in your underwear, how are you not being yourself?," Jionni responded back.

Snooki tells Jionni she's over him and says she needs a break then hangs up. Right after, the phone rings and Snooki walks away. She said Jionni made her feel really low and she's done for now.

"I'm proud of Nicole for sticking up for herself, she doesn't deserve that," Sammi said. Ok Sammi, you don't deserve Ronnie screaming and cursing at you too but yet she goes back to him like every five seconds. These women are just dying for love.

"If you wanna look slutty for your boyfriend, you look slutty because you wanna have sex with him," Snooki advises.

The girls don't like that Snooki is depressed and the fact that Jionni is trying to change her. So Snooki comes up with an idea to bring a little of Jersey to Italy.

The roommates decide to pretend they're going to club Karma at the Jersey Shore and they bring club Karma to the house. Pauly breaks out his DJ equipment, Ronnie is the bouncer and Mike does the usual, which is sitting in the corner with his sunglasses on as Ronnie points out and he says Mike looks like the biggest creep ever.

Mike thinks since Jionni and Snooki are beefing, she'll flirt with him now. Mike said he can take care of Snooki better than anyone else and says he loves her. He keeps telling Snooki they hooked up and she keeps denying it.

"I know what happened and you know what happened so shutup," Snooki tells Mike.

"I don't feel like Mike is at all in love with Nicole, he's just trying to f*ck up somebody's relationship and get away with it," Jwoww said.

Later on, Mike starts some crap. He tells Snooki that the boys were talking crap about Jionni while they were all at the club. Mike said Ronnie told him to kick Jionni in the head and said the boys wanted him to fight Jionni. 

So Snooki confronts Ronnie and said she feels like none of her roommates have her back then she goes to her room.

Jwoww tells Mike what he said is unacceptable and the drama only continues. Mike starts gossiping to the rest of the roomies about the supposed previous hook-ups between him and Snooki and even says Snooki gave him head.

So after Mike's gossip, everyone disperses to their bedrooms. Snooki gets up and goes in Vinny and Pauly's room and snuggles with Vinny. Deena gets in Pauly's bed but he's not trying to smush her, Pauly tells her to get out and she does.

Snooki asks Vinny, "Can you cuddle without being a freak?" Well next thing you know she's hooking back up with her old flame, Vinny and it's so obvious that it's about to go down. And it did! Pauly said he saw those sheets going up and down and Snooki coming up for air.

Well, well, well Snooki, how quickly we forget Jionni. Oh, Jionni who? I actually like her and Vinny together but we don't need anymore relationships in the house, probably not a good idea.

Next week it looks like Mike opens his mouth again and Jionni finds out about Snooki's moving on incident which may cause a problem for Mike and Snooki's so-called friendship.