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What Makes Your Woman Smile?

I've compiled a list of things that men should do to make their woman smile. You ready? Here it goes...

  • Listen to what she's talking about and engage her in conversation
  • Hold her hand
  • Compliments, compliments, compliments!
  • Grab and hug her tight, it makes a woman feel protected
  • Sing, dance, strip for her, even if your moves suck and your voice isn't the best, the effort counts
  • Be there for her supportively to say everything will be ok
  • Buy roses or flowers. Not just on anniversaries but just because
  • Remember not only big anniversaries but "The Firsts" i.e. (The first time you told her "I love you", the first time you kissed her, etc.)
  • Surprise her with a massage without her having to ask for one
  • Ask her how her day was
  • Write a love letter or email (yes people still write letters)
  • Cook or attempt to
  • Have a cute, special name for her and call her that sometimes
  • Plan a romantic evening
  • Have a sense of humor and keep her laughing
These are some other things women had to say:

"Simple I'm thinking of you stuff, like the hello how r u doing text or call. Planning a night out or in I like the simple things nothing elaborate."

"Hold the door for me. My ex would not let me walk on the outside I always walked away from the street he said so in case something happened he could protect me."

"Listen, comfort, understand."

- Feel free to add on to the list in the 'Share Your Thoughts!' section below


  1. Omg yes! I promise the one thing my ex used to do that I loved was just hug me for no reason. Like everything doesn't have to be sexual. A simple embrace can mean the world, especially when you had a bad day or are feeling down and they don't even know they just made you feel a lot better.


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