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Jersey Shore: Team Meatballs Destruct and Hookup & Snooki's Infamous Car Crash

This weeks episode starts off with Jwoww concerned about Snooki's relationship. She tells Snooki that she just wants her to have a good time in Italy. But Snooki just wants everybody to stop worrying about her and her relationship so much.

Snooki continues to call Jionni and right off the back he starts with her again. Jionni tells Snooki that the night before she was being rude to him.

Umm, didn't he say she was acting like a b*tch when she really wasn't? She was just drunk, but if I recall he was the one acting like a b*tch to her. Then Snooki tells Jionni that all of her roommates said he was the rude one.

"You guys are crazy, everyone of you guys are out of your mind," Jionni tells her.

Well I guess that makes him feel like he's not wanted at the house because he tells Snooki that he'll call her later and he's not visiting her in Italy anymore, then he hangs up.

Well, as we saw in future show sneak peaks Jionni winds up visiting Snooki anyway, but that looks like it doesn't turn out too good.

The roomies get the whole weekend off from work and decide to go on vacation and they hit up Riccione beach. The ladies waste no time in taking shots, Deena says they're trying to get wasted. But turns out her and Snooki become the only wasted ones.

They educate the bartender and ask him if he knows what a kooka is and say it's another name for a vagina, a ladies private area and he's like "oh." Lol.

Then Snooki yells out, "How do you say vagina in Italian?" A stranger tells them and also says it is not good for girls to speak like that.

The things that come out of Snooki's mouth is hilarious. Like when the ladies got to the beach and said "Italian whale sperm." Snooki once said that the ocean's water is salty because of all the whale sperm...oh goodness.

Snooki and Deena get on another level of drunk...

They all go shopping or as Deena likes to call it "drunk shopping" and Sammi and Jwoww notice how drunk Team Meatballs is and they're over it. Jwoww and Sammi don't even want to continue drinking and decide to seperate themselves from Team Meatballs.

Snooki and Deena continue to drink, party and dance and then they run into the boys. The boys sit down and watch Snooki and Deena get drunker and drunker. As the two are dancing, Deena's bikini bottoms pop off.

"Yo, I never danced my underwear off in my life! She goes hard, I give her credit!" Pauly said.

The boys tell them that they're going to dinner and a club later. They think there is no way that Deena and Snooki will be able to hang out again later. But oh they do!

Later on, after the other roommates finish their meals at dinner, Snooki and Deena show up fashionably late and the other roomies have to wait for them to finish.

Snooki tells Deena to stick with her because if they both get crazy then it's not a big deal. These two are totally wasted on the cab ride to the club and Sammi and Jwoww can already tell they're going to have to babysit their friends for the night.

"Honestly Jenni gets f*cking annoying to me just because she's like my f*cking mom, I'm like shutup!" Snooki said.

As the girls are dancing, Deena lets it all hang out and it shows that she has no underwear on underneath her dress. Jwoww is trying to warn Deena that she see's her vagina and that she's showing it to the whole club but Deena doesn't care.

Team Meatballs wander off to themselves and start grinding on each other, then they kiss and makeout hardcore right in the club while the roomies watch on in disgust kind of. These girls are extra crazy when they drink!

"What the hell is going on because Snooki is all about Jionni and Deena, are you a lesbian!?" Sammi said.

Jwoww has had enough of the Team Meatballs show and tells everyone it is time to go home.

"Why do I always have to be the mom? There goes my night," Jwoww said.

When the girls get in the cab to head home, Snooki asks Deena if she wants to make out again and the two start kissing and touching each other again, right infront of Sammi and Jwoww.

Sammi said, "I don't even make out this long with Ron" and she tells Jwoww that Snooki and Deena have been kissing for like three hours.

When they return to the house, Team Meatballs continue to make out some more and wind up passing out in the same bed together.

The next morning Ronnie wakes up the roomies in a Pauly D way, yelling around the house "oh yeah, wake up yeah," like a personal alarm clock.

Pauly D tells the other boys that Ronnie is "swacking" because Ronnie swacked his wake up call.

Swacking, according to Pauly D, means swag but if you get "swacked" you get swagger jacked. But Ronnie says he's not trying to jack Pauly D's swag.

As everyone is out and about, besides Snooki and Deena who are still sleeping the day away, the boys talk about Deena and Snooki's drunken night. Ronnie says that he's on Jionni's side now and can see why he gives Snooki attitude when she's drunk. The guys think Jionni is going to leave Snooki once he finds out that she hooked up with Deena.

The guys return to the house and Team Meatballs finally wake up all partied out. Deena says, "I need a food."

Vinny hears Deena's comment and says to her, "didn't you eat enough last night?" and high-fives Pauly D, making a joke about Deena and Snooki's hookup.

Snooki and Deena don't even remember what happened the night before and don't remember hooking up. Sammi and Jwoww start telling them about their hookup and the club night.

Jwoww even says when Deena and Snooki slept next to her the night before she heard, "knee's up." Wow, it's clear these girls had sex with each other, even though those exact words weren't said.
  Snooki goes to the phone and calls Jionni. The other roomies sit around and look on as she calls and confesses to him.

Snooki tells Jionni that her and Deena got really drunk and made out saying it was intense. Jionni shockingly just says, "alright." Wow, I was expecting that conversation to end in a bad way. Snooki dodged a bullet on that one. So her and Jionni are good... for now.

After Team Meatballs return from their morning shift at work, they decide to get back into the routine of things and go out. Snooki drives the car and starts to get road rage from the crowded Italy streets and winds up slamming into a back of a cop car.

A cop comes up to their car window and asks Snooki for her license but Snooki tells the cop she left her license at home.

An ambulance shows up and puts someone on a stretcher as Deena and Snooki watch in horror realizing that their accident is more serious than they thought. 

Snooki then has to take a breathalyzer test and the cop tells her "lets go."

She starts crying and says she doesn't want to ever go in the back of a cop car again.

The boys find out about the accident and rush to bring Snooki her license. Vinny says if Snooki is locked up then everybody might get kicked out of Italy.

On next weeks episode it looks like Snooki is back at the house and her boyfriend, the famous Jionni, visits her. Oh boy.

During Jersey Shore After Hours, Snooki says when she hit the cop car she wanted to laugh.

Nothing phases this girl and Snooki also said jail in Jersey is fun compared to Italy's jail. She also added that she has earned "G" status now. Wow! Everything is really a joke to her.

Well Mike had the last joke when he came out on the After Hours show. Mike explained him and Snooki's hookup before Italy and said Snooki went from 4 foot 9 to 2 foot 9. He pretty much said Snooki gave him head.

Snooki changed her story again and said Mike wanted to hook up with her and whipped his "thing" out.

Who knows what really went down between these two. Like Jwoww said, there's always three sides to a story and in this case there's Snooki's side, Mike's side and then the truth.