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Jersey Shore's Ron & Sam on the Wendy Williams Show

"I wish you would just get along," Wendy Williams said to Jersey Shore's on and off couple, Ronnie and Sammi when they stopped by her show on Tuesday.

"That would be boring, you don't want to watch us have a good time," the two responded. Wendy also asked the question that we all want to know, what is their relationship status now?

Ronnie responded and said it depends on what time it is, lol!

Wendy asked Sammi why does she keep going back to Ronnie. Sammi said the viewers just see the negative side to their relationship and not so much of the good times. Sammi said they do get along and have a major connection.

The two were very cute on the show and it seems like they are very much together.

When Wendy asked Ronnie if his rage comes from steroid use he denied taking steriods and said he gets "Sam rage."

Wendy asked some questions about the other roommates on Jersey Shore and the couple said they don't know the truth about the alleged Mike and Snooki hook-up. They said Mike doesn't lie and Snooki has cheated on past boyfriends so who knows.

Wendy also addressed Jwoww's supposed plastic surgery, how much money each castmember makes and Sammi's new frangrance.

Watch new episodes of Jersey Shore on Thursday's, 10/9 central on MTV.