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The Real World San Diego Premiere Recap: One Roommate is Already Crazy Nuts

So how did you like last nights premiere of the new season of The Real World?

Here are the new roommates:

Ashley - the model blonde
Frank - the bi-sexual with a short fuse
Zach - the tall hunk
Alexandra - the Zimbabwean chick with the boyfriend
Priscilla - the hot Mexican chick, the baby of the house
Sam - the lesbian cool chick
Nate - the party dude

Here are some first impressions that the new roomies had to say about each other:

"I'm not used to seeing girls like this with their boobs all up, I'm like alright we have a barbie in the house," Frank said about meeting Ashley.

Frank comes off the back and tells Ashley he hooks up with everybody and doesn't discriminate, telling her he's attracted to both sexes.

"I'm curious to know whether Sam is a male or a female because the name doesn't give any indication because that can go either way...the first second I catch a glance of Sam I'm thinking skater punk kind of person," Zach said.

"Zach is the biggest dude I've ever seen in my life, cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans, he scares me," Sam said.

"Nate looks kind of like the typical frat guy and likes to party a lot but in there is a huge brain." Alexandra said.

"Zach is big and he's buff and he's hot," Ashley said.

"This dude is towering above me and I am totally pissed off, he's just gonna steal all the chicks and I wanted to be alpha male," Nate said about Zach.

Recap: Right off the back Frank has an instant attraction to Alexandra and asks if she's dating anyone. Oh but of course she is and the she is the only one in a relationship in the house. There always has to be somebody with a boyfriend or girlfriend on the show.

Alexandra said her and her boyfriend Byron, whom she has known for 12 years write songs together. Aww, how cute, I hope she remains faithful throughout the season, lol.

Side Note:    
 "Govere was discovered by Alicia Keys' Grammy Award-winning producer, Kerry "Krucial" Brothers, who had heard a song Govere placed on MySpace for her mother to hear. Although she initially met with Brothers with the intent to be a songwriter, he made her sing vocals, and recognized her talent. With him, she released a mixtape, "Love is 4 Suckaz/I'm a Sucka 4 Love". Some of the songs are still available on YouTube, while the album is expected to debut in the latter part of 2011."

"I really don't like that Alexandra is not single, just because I don't want her boyfriend to hold her back, I want her to come out with us and party and be single," Frank said.

When Zach and Sam arrive at the house Priscilla goes, "yay there's four guys and three girls" then she goes to hug Sam and realizes boobs are there.

Sam said coming out to new people is nervewracking because she is unsure if people will accept her or not.

The last room left in the house is obviously left for Zach and Sam since they are the last two to arrive at the house and Zach said he feels nervous sharing a room with a girl, "...especially a girl with opposite life choice styles as me."

After the roomies get aquainted with the house and each other and drink, the guys hang out and Sam tags along, considering herself one of the bro's.

"Yes Sam is a lesbian we're supposed to get along but something about her irks me," Frank said.

Nate thought Frank was gay right off the back and tells Priscilla later that Frank's bi-sexuality is weird for him.

Being that Priscilla is only 19-years-old, she feels like she's holding her roommates back from going out and they decide to stay in on the first night. 

Ashley quickly has her sights set on the hunk Zach and the two start bonding.

Frank has this quick obsession with Alexandra which is pretty creepy and says every 2.6 seconds that she's beautiful. He said she provides her with a sense of calm and if she didn't have a boyfriend who knows what would happen.

We can expect Alexandra to stay glued to the phone throughout the season to call her boyfriend.

As she's on the phone with him, Frank comes in and talks to her boyfriend and says, "I wish your girlfriend was single, it's totally cool she's not, I hope you are a good guy because she is beautiful, I love your girl."  Wow, this dude is tripping very early.

Later on, the roomies head out to the club, leaving Priscilla and Nate back at the house. They get the first hook-up award and kiss, but Priscilla said she wasn't feeling it and Nate isn't her type.

Priscilla tells Frank that Nate grabbed her face and just kissed her. This news does not sit well with Frank and he confronts Nate about it, now making it his business.

Real World San Diego
Afterwards, Nate goes in the confessional with Zach and expresses his concern about Frank calling him out on grabbing Priscella's face.

The two of them also talk about Frank being bi and possibly bringing home a dude. Zach says things at the house are going to get messed up really soon and it is only day two.

And he couldn't have spoken sooner.

Later on at the club, Frank cock blocks Alexandra as she's talking to another dude, like he's her protector. She realizes that Frank is into her more than she thought.

Frank wants Alexandra to know she's amazing and he wants her to hang with him and says it's even making him sick. He starts drinking a bunch and see's a random woman in the club that he says is soaking up his liquor, he grabs the bottle from her and tells her to leave.

The woman yells out to her friend, "we're being degraded by a f*ck#ing faggot!"

Frank starts yelling at the woman and calls her a piece of trash and security comes over to break up the argument.

"He can't flip out like that everytime somebody says that one specific word, I think he is confused on his sexuality," Sam said. 

When the roomies get home, Frank asks Alexandra what's the deal, is he not cute enough? And Alexandra tells Frank she has no intention of hooking up with anybody or bringing anybody home.

Frank gets angry and starts hitting things and snaps. Alexandra wants to be friends and Frank said he's never had a relationship because everybody always wants to be just his friend.

Uh-oh this guy has some bad mood swings like last seasons Adam. Gotta watch out for this dude.

Who is your favorite cast member? Your least favorite?


  1. Wow...Frank is Hella in need of his meds.

  2. dude that Frank dude is insane! Like who yells at a girl like that?! He needs help

  3. Why does every real world now have a gay dude or dudette? I don't have a problem with it,but is it necessary for them to be a total lunatic or exhibit the worst stereotypical traits of their group? I mean, it can't help the gay cause. It would be like having a black dude on every season who walks around holdin his johnson, eatin fried chicken and watermelon and droppin the N-word every five seconds.


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