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Bad Girls Club: One Bad Girl is Sent Packing as Things Explode in the House

Episode 12: Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

This week on the Bad Girls Club Nastasia's plan to get Tasha out of the house is accomplished. Nastasia starts putting Tasha's clothes in a plastic bag and as Tasha is trying to stop Nastasia, Nastasia pushes her out the way. This leads to Tasha grabbing Nastasia's face and scratching her. Nastasia fights back and punches Tasha down to the ground until camera crew and behind the scenes people break the fight up.

Nastasia and Tiara think Tasha is lame when she decides to call the cops.

Tasha tells the police she's been kicked in the head, has been assaulted and she wants to file a police report. Tasha said she wants Nastasia to look like the biggest idiot and a court date gets set.

"What kind of bad girl presses charges?" Nastasia said.

Even Shelly said. "That is a pretty sissy move Tasha."

But Shelly already knew Nastasia was on a mission to get Tasha out.

I found it pretty hilarious when Nastasia went outside to talk to the police, explaining her side of the story. She straight up told the police she was putting Tasha's clothes in a plastic bag. So the police asked Nastasia why did she do that and Nastasia's answers, "because she has to go home."

So then the police say to Nastasia, "Why does she need to go home?" Nastasia tells them because all Tasha does is complain and the cops ask her, "Are you the boss here?"


Nastasia said that's the way the house works and the police tell her that's not the way the law works.

Well, even though Tasha got beat up, since she hit Nastasia first she was sent home and is the second girl to leave this season. Of course Tasha doesn't care and said The Bad Girls club is no place for a classy girl.

"... For all you other b*tches so sorry you don't look like me, I'm so sorry you don't have my hair, so sorry you don't have my body, I don't care kiss my a**," Tasha said.

Afterwards, Tiara spills the beans and tells Nastasia that Shelly is the one who ruined her contacts. Remember Angie is the one who ratted out Shelly and told Tiara. Now Nastasia says she'll remain calm until it's time to react as she puts another plan in motion.

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In the mean time, Nastasia makes back up with Judi and tells her it was all apart of her plan to act mean towards her just so she could get Tasha out the house and Judi thinks the plan was genious.

"I'm always up to something whether you know it or not," Nastasia said. "You are just a game piece in my game," she tells Judi.

Angie said after Nastasia got Tasha kicked out the house she's acting like a brand new person like she's big and bad. Nastasia even starts screaming, "I run New Orleans!" ...Oh boy...another Natalie Nunn from season 4 like the rest of the girls pointed out...get a new line Nastasia.

Nastasia does plan on sending Shelly home with two black eyes as she plans to beat her up on the last day.

Shelly decides to get together a fundraiser at the Southern Home Foundation to help out animals because she wants to give back to New Orleans.

Tiara and Nastasia decide not to help out. Judi, Cheyenne and Angie help out Shelly to raise money at a party doing some bull riding in hoping onlookers make it rain with cash.

"It's extremely selfish and rude to take all the good from the community and not give any good back," Shelly said.
During the fundraising event, Shelly notices that Cheyenne is slacking and see's that she rather drink more than raise money as Cheyenne refuses to ride the bull which is apart of raising the money. 

Shelly says Cheyenne let her down because Cheyenne acted like she really wanted to help in the beginning. In the end, the girls wind up raising $501.

Tiara and Nastasia do their own thing as they go shopping, eating and bowling. Tiara gets upset when she talks to her aunt and her aunt tells her she tries to call the house but the phone just keeps ringing. Tiara believes it is either Cheyenne or Shelly who is not clicking over to answer the other line because they are constantly on the phone.

"I don't know why these b*tches are playing with me," Tiara said. "I'm really mad, what if it was something important and ya'll b*tches don't wanna answer the other line."

Tiara starts yelling as soon as the other girls walk in the house and said even if she doesn't like somebody she still delivers their phone messages.

Well we see who doesn't click the phone over when Cheyenne marches right upstairs to the phone. She hears the phone beeping on the other line but she laughs and doesn't click over.

The girls also start noticing Cheyenne's stuff laying all around the house and they're getting sick of her sloppy ways. Nastasia tells Cheyenne that it is getting ridiculous because people are starting to fall over her stuff.

"...I leave a shirt on the ground and b*tches act like someone died," Cheyenne said.

"Everything Cheyenne does annoys me, I'm totally fed up with this girl, I'm ready to get her out the house," Tiara said.

Tiara, Judi and Nastasia decide to take Cheyenne's bed mattress and throw it in the pool at the end of the episode.

Next week on the Bad Girls Club season finale, Nastasia goes out with a bang as she gives Shelly five seconds to come clean about the contacts incident and when Shelly doesn't come clean, Nastasia punches her straight in the face. Watch a sneak Peak HERE.

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  1. So why was Tasha sent home for fighting, but Tiara was not for fighting Angie who's face was all scratched up?

  2. That's a great point! I didn't even think about that. Just like last season, Wilmarie and Nikki got away with fighting a couple of times before Wilmarie was sent home. It seems as if the fighting rules aren't too clear on "Bad Girls Club."


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