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Beyonce's Fake Baby Bump Rumors are Back After Her Stomach Folds (Video)

"The only thing bigger than Beyonce right now is her beautiful baby bump..."

But the rumors are back again concerning that baby bump. MediaTakeOut first came out with the story that Beyonce wore a fake baby bump to the Video Music Awards. This is when she first announced to the public she was pregnant.

These same speculations have returned after Beyonce recently did an interview where was a guest on Australia’s Sunday Night news show. She walked out on screen and when she went to take her seat, she bent down and it looks like her stomach folded in half and collapsed.

Maybe it was just some weird clothing she had going on underneath her dress or maybe not.

People are also saying that she's faking to boost album sales, but when has Beyonce ever had to make up such a lie to boost sales?

But Beyonce has been photographed wearing a bikini while pregant and her bump was there. The pic to the right looks real to me.

Beyonce's baby is due in February. What do you think?

Beyonce also said in the interview she doesn't even tweet. So I looked her up on Twitter and found @beyonce and she really hasn't tweeted not one single thing and her account isn't verified, yet she has over one million followers on that account.

Update: October 14, 2011: Wendy Williams addresses Beyonce's "Bump"

Eh, that picture doesn't make Beyonce's stomach look good. Now rumor has it that she is "wearing a fake prosthetic while her unknown surrogate carries her baby to term."