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Drake's Ex, A Former 'Bad Girl Club' Chick Reveals Intimate Details About Him

So Drake used to date a former Bad Girls Club chick and vixen Catya Washington known as Cat on the show.

You might remember her from season 5 as the controversial chick who didn't mind mentioning she had money, only dates people with money and she also made an early exit on the show.

Well, she was recently on Philly’s Hot 107.9 and said she dated Drake for a year and a half. The radio host said he talked to Drake about his and Cat's relationship and Cat tells her side of the story and explains why they broke up. 

Supposedly Drake didn't want her to go on the Bad Girls Club and talking crap about him. This kind of reminds me of Natalie Nunn's situation from season 4. Natalie said she knew Chris Brown "very well" but Chris acted like he didn't know her because he didn't want to be associated with Natalie after findiing out she was going on the reality show.

Cat on the Bad Girls Club season 5

Cat said she met Drake on the set of "Best I Ever Had" and they fell in love. Cat also dishes about Drake's personal goodies and said:

“He is a phenomenal peach eater and he is black and Jewish and the black side is Mandingo.”

The radio host also asked Cat how long did it take Cat to go from 'condom' to 'no condom'!

Do you believe her or is she just talking a bunch of nonsense. Listen to Cat's response below: