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Webbie vs. Terrance J: Webbie Banned from '106 & Park' and talks Crap About Terrance J (Video)

This story makes me chuckle because one: who is this Webbie? Not really relevant. And 2: He is so disrespectful but what the hell is he saying? Lol. Continue to read on...
So a couple weeks back rapper Webbie appeared on 106 & Park as a guest judge for Freestyle Friday. Something must of happened behind the scenes because 106 & Park host, Terrance J made an announcement after the commercial break that Webbie was banned from coming back to 106 & Park.

The other 106 & Park host, Rocsi tweeted about the incident and said, "Ladies I don’t care who he is never let a man think he can just disrespect you and talk any way he wants…"

So I'm guessing Webbie got slick with the mouth and said something disrespectful to Rocsi. 

Well, news got back to Webbie, he knows he's banned and now he's feeling a certain way about it. There's a video that was released over the weekend with Webbie calling out Terrance J and he also has some words for Rocsi.
"Shout out to Terrance, BET, I love ya'll baby, I am BET, I am black entertainment baby, you looking at BET right Terrance I'm sorry yo b*tch wanted me to put that d*ck in her man, get yo ho man, get yo f*ck!ng ho man," Webbie said.

Oooh dem fighting words, lol.

Webbie said Rocsi was all over him and Terrance got mad and now Webbie said it's a personal issue.

"I'm slapping the f*ck out of Terrance when I see him," Webbie continued to say.

I was listening to Power 105 The Breakfast Club this morning and they discussed the story.

When asked who would win in a fight between Terrance J and Webbie, all three show hosts went with Terrance. Reason being, Terrance has been hitting the gym crazy hard, he's getting bigger and Webbie smokes that stuff which would slow him down.

Host Charlamgne also commented about Webbie and said, don't talk crap on a video if you want to fight someone just do it in person.

As I'm wrapping up writing this, I still can't even think of a Webbie song, lol. Well, listen to him talking all his crap below: