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Bad Girls Club Explosive Season Finale: Nastasia Attacks, Cheyenne is Tricked & The Remaining Girls Say Bye

Episode 13: Parting Shots

It is the last episode of the Bad Girls Club and not everybody makes it to the end. (Reunion sneak peek below.)

I just want to say that Cheyenne is too laid back for me. After Judi, Tiara and Nastasia throw her mattress and clothes in the pool she just simply asked them, "who threw my stuff in the pool?"

The girls told Cheyenne they were fed up with her sloppy ways. Well, Cheyenne didn't get that pissed and her and Angie used the mattress in the pool to their advantage and went to play on it.

Cheyenne simply used Tasha's mattress to sleep on since she got kicked out the house in last weeks episode.

Later on, Nastasia, Judi, Tiara, Angie and Cheyenne decide to go out to eat and Tiara takes it upon herself to tell everyone that Cheyenne isn't coming to dinner with them. Tiara said if Cheyenne comes she'll be sitting at a table by herself.

Angie tells Cheyenne what Tiara said and suggest she stays home and Cheyenne actually listens! Angie offers to bring Cheyenne food back but Cheyenne says no.

"I've gotten Priscilla out the house, Nastasia got Tasha out the house so it's definitely time for Tiara to get Cheyenne out the house," Judi said.

Tiara said throwing Cheyenne's mattress in the pool didn't work but she is determined to get Cheyenne out the house.

So, Tiara puts a master plan into motion. She fools all of the girls in the house, even her own crew; Judi and Nastasia because she doesn't want anyone to mess up her plan.

Tiara said everyone knowns in the bad girls club house, when your luggage shows up in your room that's the signal that it's time to leave the house. And she actually makes Cheyenne believe that it's time to move out as she places Cheyenne's luggage in her room.

Tiara also calls up a limo service and pretends to be Cheyenne as she requests a limo for pickup. Tiara yells out to Cheyenne that it's time for her to leave because her luggage is in her room.

The limo shows up and Cheyenne actually believes it's time to go as the rest of the girls watch her make an earlier departure. I can't believe Cheyenne actually packed up and left. Tiara even helped Cheyenne with her luggage and threw her stuff outside as she rushed Cheyenne out the house.

No one actually bonded with Cheyenne in the house during her time there and only Shelly and Angie say bye to Cheyenne as she left. Tiara gave a fake wave and smile as Cheyenne gets in the limo.

After Cheyenne leaves, Tiara spills the beans and tells the rest of the ladies it was all a prank.

"Tiara was such a genious...she didn't have to break a nail, she didn't have to fight, I wish I would've thought of that with Priscilla," Judi said.

Meanwhile, a fed up Nastasia enjoys her last moments in the house as she plans her attack on Shelly. She said she wants to show Shelly what she does to liars because Nastasia still isn't over the fact that Shelly didn't come forward about messing up her contacts.

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A clueless Shelly is still thinking her and Nastasia are cool  but as the ladies hang out on their last day, Shelly and Angie can feel tension from Nastasia. 

"... I'm a little nervous to see how the night ends up, there is tension and I don't know what is going on but if there is anytime, tonight is the time to knock a b*tch out," Shelly said.

And that time has come. As soon as the ladies return from the club on their last night out, Nastasia prepares for war. She clips her hair up, takes her earrings off, puts on a wifebeater, basketball shorts and sneakers and is ready to fight.

Nastasia walks into the room where Angie and Shelly are eating at and Angie see's Nastasia walks in and asks her why does she have sneakers on? Angie says to her, "are you going to run?"

A calm Nastasia replies, "Because...I have a question, for you two. Who touched my contacts?"
Angie says, "Is that why you have your sneakers on?" And Shelly tells Nastasia, "none of us."

Nastasia said, "the sad thing is one of you is lying and I know exactly who it I'm gonna give you five seconds to defend yourself or take this a** whoopin'...period."

Of course Shelly still denies it and tells Nastasia she doesn't know what she is talking about, so five seconds was up and Nastasia went in for the kill. Watch the fight below:

Now, I don't think it was fair that Shelly was sitting down and didn't have a chance to get up, but when she did get up she still didn't do much and Nastasia did warn them.

I wonder how things would have gone if Shelly just admitted she ruined Nastasia's contacts? Would the fight have been avoided?

This definitely makes my Bad Girls Club: Top 10 Fights.

After the fight, Shelly still denied ruining the contacts and Nastasia revealed that Angie snitched on her. Like why still lie Shelly?

Angie was pissed that Nastasia put her on blast and Angie said she didn't snitch on Shelly. She said confided in Tiara. But c'mon man, Tiara is Nastasia's homegirl, you know she is going to tell her.

Well, after the fight of course Nastasia gets the call from the Bad Girls Club producer that she has to go home, rules are rules. 

Judi starts crying like a big baby like she didn't know Nastasia was going to get sent home. Nastasia said she is leaving a happy camper and she doesn't regret any decisions she made.

And then there was four.

On the last morning, the ladies pack it up to leave. Tiara said even though she doesn't like everybody she still will miss everyone, Judi said she actually changed for the better, Angie sheds some tears on her way out and says she met amazing people and Shelly said she still cares about Angie even though Angie snitched on her.

Shelly and Judi share a last minute bond as Shelly talks about Nastasia. Shelly tells Judi that she is glad Nastasia went home because she didn't deserve to share the last moments with everyone else.

Shelly also tells Judi about her and Nastasia's plans to get her and Tasha out the house. Shelly said that Nastasia told her that Judi was a problem that needed to go home. Judi starts crying and said her image of Nastasia has changed since Nastasia talked about her to her enemy at the time, which was Shelly.

"People forgot what the Bad Girls Club is about, it's not about being tough, it's not about trying to make people feel bad about themselves, it is about bettering yourself," Judi said. "... I was the realest b*tch in the house."

As much as I think Judi was annoying throughout the season, she actually did keep it real. If she wasn't feeling somebody, she wasn't playing fake and being there friend.

Shelly said Nastasia was the most insecure person in the house and she tells Judi that it lights her fuse when people step over her. But, Shelly was one of those people stepping all over Judi. Judi said Shelly picking on her made her a stronger person.

At the end, Shelly makes it known that her and Nastasia's fight is to be continued. Oh, I can't wait for the reunion! Watch the sneak peak below:

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