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The Game: Season 5 Promo Video and Pics

Game on! I was watching Reed Between the Lines and a promo of The Game came on, new episodes are coming in January!

It feels like we've been waiting forever for the new season and we have, season 4 went off in March! I have no patience, forgive me... but I'm super excited.

The cast are back together, minus Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniels) who was reduced to being a recurring character on the last season. During the promo and sneak peak of the upcoming season I don't see her.

The last I remember from Kelly was the meeting between her and Jason. She told Jason that she had to leave and get herself together. So I'm guessing that was a way for her character to exit the show?

Quan Kirkland (Charles Michael Davis), the new Quarterback for the Sabers who might also take Malik's spot, will be an addition to the cast on season 5 (Pictured Below).

In the sneak peak of the game we see that Tee Tee is back and there are guest appearances by singer/actress Brandy and comedian DeRay Davis.

And the boys are back on the Saber field this season, oh yeaaa!

Derwin and Melanie

Derwin, Irv Smith and the new addition to the Sabers!!
The new guy is a hottie!
 The Game Season 5 Sneak Peek

The Game Season 4 Finale Recap


  1. I'm excited!

    I thought that last season was a bit lackluster, so I'm hoping that season 5 will more than make up for it.


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