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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy and Yandy Fall Apart Causing Problems with Jim & Emily Disses Kimbella During a Classic Toast

This week of Love & Hip Hop, picks back up with Yandy trying to defend herself to Chrissy about her, "just about a check" comments. Chrissy is telling Yandy that their relationship shouldn't be about a check and she blows up.

"You not hearing where I'm coming gonna hear it, from a lack of income," Chrissy told Yandy.

Chrissy said she is uncomfortable with the way that Yandy is carrying Jim's brand around. But Yandy said she doesn't play when it comes to her money.

"Deuce b*tch, deuce!" Chrissy says to her as she walks away.

Yandy meets up with Olivia on another day to talk about her argument with Chrissy.

"I would never throw the first punch at Jim's girl, but you best to believe on the last punch I'ma rag tag that a**," Yandy said.

Rag tag? That is the first time I heard that. Lol.

Yandy said that Chrissy told Jim she was disrespected. And we all know how Jim defends his chick no matter what.

So, Jim calls Yandy and says if she doesn't respect his girl then she doesn't need to be managing him. Yandy ignores Jim's phone calls after that. As she is sitting and talking to Olivia she ignores Jim's calls on purpose.

Isn't Olivia cool with Jim and Chrissy also? So why is Yandy confiding in her?

Somaya meets up with Barry, her investor, the day after her performance. He tells Somaya he was overly impressed with her performace. Were we watching the same show?? Lol.

The investor introduces her to a producer, Swift and Somaya believes Swift likes more than her Latina music. She goes to Swift's studio to talk about her ideas and she tells him she doesn't want to sell sex but he says it is there and it should just come out.

The two establish that they're single and Somaya admits to having a small crush on him, she doesn't say it to him though. But, she does ask him to get something to eat and she's just cheesing so hard, like a little girl who has her first crush.

Somaya goes across the way to visit Olivia in the studio. They talk about Somaya's performance and Olivia tells her that she felt the show was about her dancers, she didn't see Somaya.

Olivia lets it out that she still has a problem with Somaya from last seasons beef and questioned on supporting her now. Olivia makes it clear to Somaya that she is not on her level. Ouch!

Olivia said it is awkward and she doesn't know how to receive Somaya yet. But Somaya said it's an imaginary grudge that Olivia is holding on to and she gave Olivia a gift, a pair of pumps from her shoe line.

Olivia said anything that Somaya does is not done properly, "I commend you for trying but you're not good at any of it."

Okay, at first I thought Olivia's comments were funny but now I'm thinking she may be hating just a little bit on Somaya? Maybe I'm wrong. But, when Somaya walked in on her studio session, Olivia was surprised to see her in the building, like "oh, what are you doing here?"

So maybe Olivia is down that her career is at a stalemate and even though Somaya isn't all of that, she is actually making some moves and talking to people.

Last weeks recap: Somaya's Ego Spins Out of Control, Kimbella and Emily Squash the Drama but Chrissy is Just Getting Started

Emily meets up with a realtor at her place in New Jersey. She feels proud that she is doing it all by herself and for her children without Fabolous' help.

"In the nine years I was with him the problem was that I never thought about me, I was always so focused on it is time to focus on me, my," Emily said.

She has an eye opening experience as she is alone in her place looking at a picture of her and her two kids, minus Fabolous.

Later on, recording artist, Teairra Mari makes an appearance on the show. She stops by Emily's place and starts talking about dating options for Emily.

She tells Emily to have a little fun and meet new people so Fabolous won't be the last thing on her mind.

Later on, Emily visits Notations and talks with the owner to discuss her future as a designer there. The owner said he tried contacting Emily and it's like she vanished. Emily tells him that she let her personal life affect her business.

Kimbella's photo shoot
Big mistake! I bet Fabolous is out there doing just fine with his business and not even the least bit worried about personal things. So I'm glad Emily wants to focus on only her now.

Kimbella shoots the cover of Black Men's Magazine and Yandy shows up for support.

The whole Somaya performace and Chrissy argument comes up again and Yandy thinks the argument with Chrissy started over Kimbella.

"This girl, this chick has a problem with everyone that comes in and has something going for herself. Now she's mad at Yandy because lemme guess... because she's next to her man all the time, 24/7?..." Kimbella said.

Yandy doesn't like the comment Chrissy made about stopping her money and Yandy talks about managing Kimbella.

Teairra Marie gets invited to the Black Men Magazine party and brings Emily and Somaya along. As they are walking in the door, they see a big poster of Kimbella's cover and Emily isn't feeling the place anymore and doesn't want to go in the party.

"Don't let a b*tch hold you from going out because we're not even gonna see that hoe," Teirra Marie said.

Wow, she has a mouth on her.

Teairra actually knew Kimbella was hosting the party that night, but said so what, because she still wanted to go.

"There's gonna be so many women that have probably slept with her man, but so what, you're not together anymore, move on with your life, there's no need to duck and dudge people," Teairra said.

So they go in the club and take a seat. Yandy spots them and walks over, she said she is going to introduce Kimbella to them, well mainly to Teairra and she says, "be nice."

Emily still wasn't over everything that was said and she didn't want to be phony. Teairra addresses the way Kimbella broke the news about Fabolous to her and Kimbella apologizes once again.

Emily decides to make a toast this time and said, "A toast to Kimbella for making the cover. You are the most qualified, you've had the most black men in you including mine. So a toast to that."

By far the funniest comment! Lol. You go Em!

Emily decides to leave afterwards because she said that isn't her style.

Three days have passed and Yandy still has not picked up Jim's calls. She finally meets up with him in the studio and she also made him miss a show, uh oh.

"Alright I messed up, Jim lost some money, my pride is worth $25,000," Yandy said.

Jim told her nobody's bills get paid if she doesn't pick up the phone and Yandy said noone's bills gets paid if she gets disrespected.

Jim is mad that he missed out on $25,000 and Yandy said he shouldn't have cursed her out and that's why she didn't pick up the phone.

Jim said he's not in shape to be the referee between her and Chrissy and that the two need to work out their problems. And this doesn't happen. Chrissy and Yandy meet up towards the end of the episode and nothing gets resolved.

Chrissy gets mad over the book that Yandy gave to her in last weeks episode, it was on how to be a good daughter in law. She is also mad that Yandy got up and danced to Mama Jones song. Chrissy said it was a lack of consideration and that is another reason why she was mad with Yandy.

At the end of their back and forth discussion, Chrissy gets up from the table, walks away and says, "I'm sorry I can't. God can't get me to walk back in here and talk to you, I'm done with you."

I do think Chrissy is tripping on this one. Waaay over protective over her man and Yandy is the manager, not Chrissy. You have to know your place sometimes and Chrissy doesn't know that.