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Mariah Carey Has Her Slim Figure Back and Did She Crack on Kim K?

Mariah continues to glow and remain busy after her pregnancy.

Weight loss company Jenny Craig which is now "Jenny" has just made Mariah Carey their new spokesperson.

On Wednesday, the company reported that it was teaming up with Mariah after their diet helped her shed 30 pounds following the birth of her twins, according to CBS News.

Mariah also recently told the Associated Press that her voice got stronger after pregnancy, which helped her vocally. She also said pregnancy inspired her as a song writer.

Mariah recently did an interview with Gayle King to announce she is the new face and body of Jenny and she also opened up a bit about her personal life.

When asked how she and Nick Cannon keep their marriage strong, Mariah said, "There's no teams; me and Nick are the same team always ... Sometimes we make each other mad. That's why we're not divorced after four months. I'm just saying this Hollywood thing ... did I say something that is wrong?"

We know who recently had a short marriage, so now reports are saying Mariah Carey is referring to Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries.

But Mariah is now insisting she wasn't referring to anyone in particular. 

Mariah and Nick have been married since 2008 and she went on to say, "... I do know that marriages come and go really quickly in Hollywood."

Mariah is on the recent cover of US Weekly showing of her after pregnancy slim figure and she told US Weekly, "I'm a real person, I'm not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood."

Mariah probably doesn't want any problems but we know who she is talking about. The majority of people have Kim K. divorce jokes, (Saturday Night Live Parody) that's something Kim should have expected already, so it's okay Mariah.

Mariah also recently collaborated with John Legend on a single and she also shot the "All I Want For Christmas" video with Justin Bieber.