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NFL Star Michael Vick May Have Nude Photo's Leaked

The Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick may have a nude photo scandal on his hands, according to RadarOnline. There is a woman claiming to have a full frontal picture and she "is shopping it around" to various media outlets.

According to RadarOnline, Vick's Rep says he has better things to worry about. The woman told a site that the photo was easily identifiable as Vick because of his unique tattoos, like his signature super man tattoo.
“He is in the bathroom of the hotel room the night before the game taking the photos of himself,” the woman claims. “It is from the neck down with all tattoos visible.”

There was also a public survey of NFL player perception conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research which indicates that players with legal issues, contract disputes or suspect character are viewed unfavorably by NFL fans and Michael Vick ranks first on the most disliked list of a NFL player.


  1. nakie pics of Michael Vick? .... yummy! ツ

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