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NBA Security Gaurd Sent to Prison For Making Bomb Threats

U.S. Attorney Paul S. Fishman said, "a bomb threat is not a prank. It is a federal crime. There is nothing amusing about scaring people and wasting the valuable time and resources of those responsible for keeping us safe."

This was said in regards to the arresting of a security guard who admitted making several bogus bomb threats to a Secaucus NBA Properties office.

The security gaurd was José Quesada, who was hired to provide office security contracted by NBA Properties, Inc., an affiliate of the National Basketball Association.

According to reports, Quesada made the calls from his cell phone three days in a row in July 2010 and was sentenced today (Nov. 9) to six months in federal prison, followed by six months of home detention with electronic monitoring.

“I put a bomb outside. . . Gonna kill all the NBA,” he said during one call.

What a lousy security gaurd.