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Rumor: Ashanti to Replace Fergie in the Black Eyed Peas?

So as usual I was listening to the radio and heard a rumor that Ashanti might be replacing Fergie in the Black Eyed Peas???

So I had to look it up, and....

Ashanti is currently on tour with the Black Eyed Peas and the group is rumoured to announce that their new singer is Ashanti.

Fergie has already announced she will leave the band and Taboo recently spoke with the New York Times and said Fergie was prepared to take a hiatus to spend more time with her husband and work on starting a family.

Fergie's last show with the group is November 23rd. The Black Eyed Peas have also indicated they will take a break as well.

According to
The group had been looking for a replacement for some time. Ashanti was reportedly brought onto the group’s WORLD TOUR – as sort of an AUDITION, to see if she could work with the band – and it worked out PERFECTLY!!”
Fergie joined Black Eyed Peas in 2002. The group formed seven years prior to 2002 without a female singer. so will be the group be as successful without Fergie?

I like Ashanti, but as a solo artist and just that. Fergie is so different and brings that crazy, rock girl type of funk to the group that I just don't see Ashanti filling.