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Tell It Tuesdays! I'm From Jersey...We Don't Pump Our Own Gas!

A had a, "we're not in Kansas anymore" moment during the Thanksgiving holiday break when I went to join my family in Pennsylvania.  

I left them a day early because I had to go back to work and I encountered a problem before I was about to get on the highway.

I go to the gas station to fill up and I sit there and wait....and wait...and I wait some more, not realizing that I'm not in New Jersey and there is no gas attendant coming to pump my gas, this is P.A.

So then I thought, "oh darn. Well I'm a Jersey chick, we don't pump our own gas!"

I also thought that the other peope around were looking at me like I was silly, then looked at my license plate and thought 'silly Jersey girl.' Or maybe that was just all in my head.

I had to call my dad to the rescue, as he is the only one in the family who knows how to pump gas. I watched and I learned.

So the next time I travel outside of New Jersey, I'm not just stuck in this Jerz box in thinking that every state has the same rules.

I don't know who has to pump their own gas out there but I do think it is kind of sucky that some people from other states have to actually get out of their car, especially in the winter, and do this on the regular. We're already paying enough for the gas nowadays, so I expect the service to come along with it.

Yup, call me spoiled. Sometines I can be a little naive to the way things work outside of this state. Born and raised in Jersey and proud!

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