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Basketball Wives L.A: Reunion Special (Part 2) "The Jackie Show"

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The second hour of the Basketball Wives reunion special aired last night and I can now breathe a sigh of relief that this first season is a wrap, it started becoming too much about Jackie. 

So, last week the reunion ended on a sour note with the argument between Gloria and Jackie.

This week starts off with Laura showing off her bling-bling ring. Laura's situation with her man, Gibert Arenas is "on" at the moment.

They have an on and off relationship and she moved to Florida to be with him. She showed off her 23-karat ring on her wedding finger. Host John Salley made a joke and said, "does that come in diamond?" Lol. But, the ring is diamond for sure and it cost 1 million dollars!

Jackie's hubby Doug Christie joined the ladies on stage and said communication and respect is the key to success in being married for so long. While he was saying that, Laura's face was speechless, lol.

Jackie said she is not just crazy over her husband, she is physcho over him!

Malaysia and Draya made a joke, saying when Doug comes around they automatically put their heads down and don't even look at him, that's how crazy Jackie is over her man.

Jackie also said she was disappointed when Draya didn't show up to her wedding during the season.

"How dare she vote if I come to her wedding...we are not in high school," Draya said about the situation.

John then asked Doug and Jackie what do they think when people say they're crazy, Jackie responded by sticking up her middle finger. Umm ok, lol.

Reunion Special Part I Recap

John brought up the ladies trip to Hawaii, a good vacation gone bad.

"You can't talk to Jackie, she's so passionate, dramatic, a little cookie, she bombards you, then after awhile you're like eff it," Laura said.

"Why do you think Jackie was manipulating all of ya'll?," John asked the ladies.

That's what I wanna know!

Malaysia replied, "You would think that a woman that has a succesful relationship, that has all of these businesses, and when you meet her she's sweet as pie, she loves her kids, I believed everything she said. I didn't think she had a reason to lie to me or manipulate me...and I'm finding out it is different and I'm wondering why."

Jackie said she felt like the mentor and felt like she was trying to help them. She said there were miscommunications and looking back on the show and watching herself, she realized she was angry and wanted to eff somebody up.

John then asked Jackie, "I want you to be honest about this?...Why did you lie Jackie?"

Jackie answered that she never lied. Laura said it was messy especially for Jackie to be the oldest and most experienced out of the group. Laura snuck in a low blow and said, "I guess it is true, she got all them necks for them two heads..."

Jackie said she wanted to put everything out on the table and said she told Malaysia to do the same. Gloria said she thinks Jackie gets off on the chaos and that she gets off on other people's drama. Imani said Jackie wanted everybody to hate each other but love her.

Jackie is delusional, no doubt. Even Draya said to Jackie, "You are lying! You are too old for that!"

I was happy they played the clip of Jackie when she was talking about the ladies to Doug while they were in Hawaii. Jackie really went in psycho style and said she is the first lady of the league and that each of them need to be thrashed with a whip, then she went off on a rant. After watching this clip, I thought the ladies would have a lot to say about Jackie's choice of words. But they didn't say much.

Malaysia said, "who nominated you as the first lady of basketball!?" Jackie nominated herself.

John made a joke and said Jackie was voted off the show and it is not even that type of show. Jackie said it wasn't fair that she was voted off the island and actually said she was hurt by her "homegirls" as she called them.

The funniest comment of the reunion came from John when he told Jackie, "Who? Jackie you are being delusional, these chicks don't like you!"

Jackie went on to say that each of the women got close to her heart. Laura quickly told her to let it go because they're done with her. And Gloria said she thinks Jackie needs medication or she needs to check in a ward.

Draya said Jackie has Michael Jackson's doctor, lol. And Malaysia said Jackie needs to get help as well.

You can tell John even saw through Jackie's B.S and he even said he watched the tapes and realized she was in the middle of causing some of the chaos.

Jackie said she is a realist and will continue to feel what she feels. Oh my goodness!

The ladies go on to say that Jackie needs her own show and that she has split personalities and could play multiple characters. Jackie got a reaction out of the rest of the ladies when she said she thinks they're hating on her. 

The ladies said Jackie was dead to them on the finale episode and once again Jackie said she was hurt when watching that clip for the first time. Oh, stop it Jackie! She's trying to play the victim.

John asked the ladies if they reached out to Jackie since the finale. They said the only time they reached out to Jackie was when her mom passed to give their condolences, other than that, no. Jackie started tearing up after her mother was mentioned.

Draya said this emotional side is weighing everybody down which takes things off topic. They still have major issues to discuss with Jackie and Draya said her actions really affected the rest of them and the crying makes it hard to talk to Jackie.

Jackie made a comment during the reunion and said, "don't make it all about my fine a**, isn't it the reunion? It doesn't have to be all about me."

Oh, but the reunion was all about Jackie.

And why was Tanya and Kimsha showed in the intro?? They weren't on the reunion at all.

And...why was Gloria acting like she is a good girl during the first part of the reunion when there are a lot of rumors floating around that she actually cheated on Matt and with one of his good friends! Read more about that HERE.

So to wrap this season up, will the ladies be friends with Jackie after this? This is what they said to her:

Malaysia said, "I don't think I will ever be friends with Jackie because she crossed me."

Gloria said, "I think a lot of stuff that comes out of your mouth... 90 percent of it is false."

Imani said, "We spent five months of our lives doing this and I felt like it was wasted and I don't have room for that in my life. I'm willing to wash my hands of it, wish her the best and walk away."

Laura said, "Don't ask me... Personally I don't want to be around somebody like that."

Draya said, "... you had all this 'I'm better than them, I'm the Queen B"... that ain't this show, this L.A., the underdog rose to the top on this show."

Jackie said she doesn't know if she wants to work on making up with the ladies, she said she would try to be friends with them but she wouldn't trust them.

"Just say no because we not with it," Draya said.'

Feeling like the leader she supposedly is, Jackie said that it's hard for her because she feels like she is dealing with a bunch of followers.

Did she just say that!?

Jackie finally kept it real and said, "f*ck no I'm not gonna be friends with these b*tches. These hoes are grow the f*ck up already, grow up and be women."

Jackie said Laura is going to call her when the show is over and said that is her boo. I think Jackie believes she owns all of them.

Okay I'm so over this Los Angeles season and ready for the original Basketball Wives season 4 which is currently being taped in Miami and New York.

Two additional cast members have been added to the mix. One attempted to stab up her husband earlier this year with a box cutter, Kenya Bell and then there’s Kesha Ni’cole Nicholas who was engaged to NBA player Richard Jefferson back in 2009, but the night before their two million dollar wedding, Richard chickened out and ended it through email.

Wow! Season 4 should be good!