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Monday Madness: Independent Women Sometimes Get a Bad Rep

We can multitask ourselves...thank you

Just a couple of rants...

Men are quick to call a woman a gold digger but let a woman do things for herself then they'll say things like, "tell her to get her independent a** outta here!" ....something I recently heard a man say by the way.

Make up your mind men! You don't want a lady using you and taking all of what you have, yet some of the same men who complain about this can't handle a woman who can take care and provide for herself then are the ones saying, "independent women are stuck up."

I also watched a very bitter video of what seems to be a recently dumped Tyrese.

In the video, he mentions independent women and says, "you're gonna independent your way into loneliness."

I'm like oh really?

"Nobody wants to be alone, period," he said.

Take a look at this video below:

When it all comes down to it, Tyrese was just trying to promote his independent album Open Invitation which he plugged into the convo a couple of times.

Although I don't promote women going around telling the world, "I don't need a man" I feel why some women have this attitude. These are women who most likely have tried the relationship thing and it didn't end in a way that they wanted it to. Some have tried numerous times and because of this may just be tired and fed up with men.

There is also a sense of empowerment when a woman can take care of herself and do for herself.

An independent woman:
"A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and DOES NOT allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports her self on her own entirely and is proud to be able to do so."

Men: Appreciate that these women are about things, career driven and are about taking care of their business...which most likely doesn't include being so involved with you.

Women: Continue about your business, you gotta think about yourself first. Independent women are beautiful.


  1. Yea I always tell people, I can take care of myself, but nothing wrong with a man who WANTS to do for his woman. My FUTURE man would just need to understand I don't NEED his support financially, his primary purpose would be for the physical and emotional self and it's a plus for you to pay the bills as well! HOWEVER, I don't want no broke-broke either lol. You need to hold your own as well honey.

  2. LOL @ "I don't want no broke-broke." Yea I'm not trying to be anyones suga mama lol

  3. Right. I am all for supporting my man though. Like if he is in school or growing a business and I just need to be the bread-winner for the time being, I am ok with that. As long as he has a plan and a goal.

  4. Oh yeah, no doubt. Supporting your man is love and men like that.

    And I dont EVER want to be that chick that needs a man. Some women are taken care of by their man and if the man was to leave then she would be screwed. That's not cool.


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