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Rihanna's "You Da One" (Video) & Perhaps Stolen Ideas

Ri Ri dropped another that is, in her latest "You Da One" off that Talk That Talk album. 

In the new black-and-white video it's all about Rihanna who is all alone and now it is being reported that she supposedly stole another artists work, according to the Huffington Post.

In the video, Rihanna is shown in a body suit and blonde wig and in one scene she has black-and-white patterns projected on her skin which is a very similar scene that was done by Solve Sundsbo for a "Numero 93" shoot back in 2008, according to reports and Rihanna is being accused of stealing Sundsbo's nude photo shoot.

Like I've said before when Beyonce was accused of stealing in her "Countdown" video, mostly everything nowadays is borrowed or copied from the past.

Watch the video below the jump:




  1. Right, almost no one has "original" stuff these days. Also I think there is a difference between someone taking an idea and trying to make it theirs versus someone taking an idea and using it to play on the work they are copying from. Sometimes the point is to make it look like the original, I think that's what Beyonce be doing.

  2. Yea Beyonce gives credit when do and always talks about the people who influence her. Her countdown video was a little shady tho lol

  3. LOL! I will have to watch it again. I feel like who cares sometimes though. If they have a problem then SUE!


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