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Love & Hip Hop: Model-to-Model Beef; a Fight Breaks Out

Model beef towards the end

This week on Love & Hip Hop: Jim goes off and buys a car with his Dipset buddy Juelz Santana, angering Chrissy who tells him he has better things to spend his money that engagement ring she's been waiting for.

"Jimmy is always buying some type of stupid car and bringing it home, if a car was at the top of your to do list it's time for me to be realistic to where Jimmy's head is," Chrissy said.

She tells Jim she doesn't want to see the car and she wants it out her driveway so Jim says he'll park it around the corner. Chrissy jokingly tells him she'll send his mail there too, she feels like the car is coming before her.

Jim tells Chrissy he has an opportunity to have an outerwear line, so Chrissy goes to a Fashion District and helps come up with the logo (Protocol), name and some of the designs. 

"Everybody feels better when they feel good," Chrissy said about being involved with fashion. "I help him (Jim) with whatever he needs because I want to be there."

She then tells Jim she wants to be apart of the business on paper. 

"People don't give you what you deserve and I feel like it's time to negotiate," Chrissy said.

Jim tells Chrissy she is his partner by default since they are joined by the hip because they're partners. Chrissy doesn't like the name "default" and she's ready to punch Jim in the face.

Some of Chrissy's family story comes out: she lost her parents awhile ago and said she now has her aunt and uncle to talk to as a mother and father figure. 

She catches up with them and talks about things with Jim. Chrissy tells her aunt she left a whole comfortable situation to be with Jim because they got each other which was special and that was the only important thing at the time.

During her touching heart-to-heart with her aunt, Chrissy said she feels like she's only playing house with Jim and said she can't stay the way she is and eventually will have to move on.

"I don't want to be married to somebody who doesn't want to be married to me...I've done all I could do as a woman, I've stepped out of the box to let him know that I love him that much so we can take a step," Chrissy said. 

"I've done all I could do, I've asked a man to marry me, what more can be done? What more can be said?" 

Her aunt suggests that Jim talks to Chrissy's uncle, like maybe it'll put some "sense" in his head. So Chrissy tells Jim that he needs to have that talk with her uncle, thinking that having a grown man's opinion will be good for him.

Jim opens up about his love for Chrissy and says there is nobody else like her. He reveals that he always had a crush on her and then he saw her in a Miami night club in a VIP section where Chrissy made the first move and they have been together for seven years now. 

Olivia tells Teairra Marie, who has been making more of an appearance on the show now, that it's crazy for Emily to hook up with Fabolous again. Olivia feels like Emily is giving Fabolous everything for free. She tells Teirra Marie that she needs to talk to Emily and let her hear it.

"I am definitely worried about Emily because I just don't get who would go back to somebody who blatantly cheats on you, in front of your face, behind your back and it's just okay?" Olivia said.

Olivia's manager, Rich meets up with Yandy later on. Now he is sounding like he's ready to give up on Olivia because people aren't buying in to her. He feels like Olivia needs to open up and let the world know her story. Rich says there is no reason why Olivia isn't the biggest star in the world right now and feels there is some type of block.

Later on Olivia decides she will write a song for her mom to let her mom know how much she has hurt her. 

Alright enough about Olivia's music career, I'm getting a little sick of hearing about it on the show now.

Teairra Marie meets up with her buddy Emily and Chrissy. Chrissy catches the ladies up on her meeting with Kimbella and says she saw Kimbella standing there (in last weeks episode) wearing flat shoes and she thought Kimbella wanted to fight but then after talking to her she realized she didn't. But Chrissy was prepared to throw some punches.

Emily said she pre-judged Kimbella and thought Kimbella got her man, magazine and everything else through being a "slutty being."

"Honestly I want to like Kimbella but she keeps on giving me this slutty vibe and I'm a little uncomfortable with it," Emily said.

Erica Mena
A new girl, Erica, a model and video girl comes on the show this week and she is trying to transition in to singing. She meets up with Yandy to help her get in the door of the music industry.

Erica mentions Kimbella and Yandy says Kimbella is Erica's competition. Erica says right away, "it's not really a competition because there is none. At the end of the day all that bronzer Kimbella puts on does not shine, it's superficial sh*t."

Okay we have a feisty one folks.

Erica Fights Her Baby Daddy (Video)

Erica already feels frustrated and says it is girls like Kimbella that make it hard for her in the modeling business.

Later on, Teairra Marie thinks Kimbella needs a little guidance and later on she meets up with her and tells Kimbella she is misperceived by other females because she's overly sexy. 

Then who shows up??.....Yandy and her new associate Erica. Uh-oh!

Erica starts talking to Kimbella and says she knows who Kimbella is. But Kimbella says they never really hung out and their paths never crossed. So Erica says, "it's two different levels" which starts off pettiness between the two.

"Do you really consider what you do modeling?" Erica asked Kimbella and she called Kimbella's modeling soft porn "'s cute though, 101 ways you can bend over." 


Erica doesn't think Kimbella is credible and says just because Kimbella slept with a few artists  doesn't make her a model. She said girls like her (I guess the "real" models) have to give a reminder.

This girl Erica went in hard! Sounds like she's hating on Kimbella's hustle.

Erica goes on and on about Kimbella only having money because she got knocked up by someone in the music industry.

Kimbella says, "If this b*tch doesn't shut the f*ck up, I'm gonna have to shut her the f*ck up." 

"The most recognition you'll get is the seed you have right now baby, because ain't nothing else credible," Erica said. 

"You think you're the only baby mama, your sons father is probably with the next b*tch."

Erica tells Kimbella she is "f*cking up her money by doing stuff for free" and Kimbella throws the first drink and gets in another fight! 

The fight is kind of funny too, a typical cat pulling and scratching.

After the two get pulled off by security, Erica calls the cops. An ambulance arrives and when Yandy and Kimbella hear sirens they jet off with Teairra Marie and leave the scene. 

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"How you gonna set it off like that and then call the police?" Yandy said.

One thing I noticed: Where is Somaya?