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Throwback Thursdays: Remembering the Soap Opera 'Passions'

"Breathe in breathe keep me alive, you are the fire burning inside of me, you are my passion for life...."

So one of my Twitter followers mentioned the soap opera Passions and this gave me the idea of using it for today's Throwback Thursdays.

It sucks that this went off air. I was a Passions fan right from the start when it came on in 1999 on NBC all the way to when the show made the switch to Direct TV and cut the amount of days it was on during the week. 

When Direct TV didn't renew Passions for anymore episodes, the studio couldn't sell the show anywhere else and it was cut.

Story lines centered around the main families; The Russells, the Bennetts, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds and also the town witch Tabitha.

Below is Ethan and Theresa's wedding and sadly the last episode which aired in 2008. If anybody watched this show from the start like me, I know you were's about time they got married and the Ethan/Theresa/Gwen love triangle was over!

I remember rushing home after school to catch this show because there was no DVR then.  

Passions was a crazy, fictional story that had some weird characters; like Vincent, the half man, half woman. 

At times it got a little too much but I always kept watching. Remember when Allistar's hands used to be shown everytime he talked and not his face? 

Aww and remember Timmy? R.I.P Josh Ryan Evans. 


Can us Passions fans at least get some re-runs? I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses this soap opera.

What was your favorite moment on the show?


  1. Aw I used to love passions too! I didn't watch til the end though. I used to only watch when i went to my grandparents house in NC over the summer lol.

  2. Yeah I remember, you're the reason why I got hooked on it for 9 years lol

  3. Oh really?? HAHA! I didn't know that! I am glad Ethan and Theresa got married though...that was getting on my nerves!


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