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Basketball Wives Season 4 Coming Soon! (Photos & Preview)

The wives are back for another season...

Aww don't they look like the happy bunch in the photo above? But not everything is peaches and cream between former besties Evelyn and Jen! Suzie, Royce and Tami are also back. (Promo video below)

Basketball Wives season 4 is ready to make its premiere in Miami on February 20th at 8 p.m. on VH1. 

My bold 'Basketball Wives' season 4 prediction: Kenya Bell will be depicted as the 'villain'
Meeka Claxton from last season is out and this season will introduce two new ladies to join "the circle" -  Kenya Bell (who was arrested for stabbing her husband) and Kesha Nichols (who was dumped the day before her wedding). 

These two definitely have a crazy past to add some more spice to the show.

According to reports, this season will kick off at Shaunie's birthday dinner where Evelyn and Jennifer get into a heated argument with Jennifer getting smacked upside the head with a purse. 

According to TMZ, Jennifer was also involved in an altercation with Evelyn's assistant recently and it was caught on camera! I don't know if we'll see this on the season or not, but I can't wait for the new season.

Will you be watching? 


  1. I really hate they call these shows "wives" and half or more don't be married lol.

    1. Exactly! They'll have like one wife and I guess they think it's okay to name the show that lol the majority of them are exes or jumpoffs to create drama


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