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Beyonce Is Getting Her Tight Body Back, Her Trainer Shares Tips...

Now that Blue Ivy is here, Mama Beyonce is getting that curvacious body back into tip top shape. Celebrities are known for popping out babies and then a month later they're body is right back to normal like they weren't even pregnant.

Beyonce's trainer, Jeanette Jenkins shares tips for getting back in shape:

"Working out should have been a part of a new mom's regimen before she got pregnant, while she was pregnant, and for the rest of her life," Jenkins told MTV News. "It should be part of your daily life, just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair. It's your internal hygiene.

"The goal should not be to lose weight," she added. "The goal should be to live a healthy life, and by working out and eating healthy, you will be happy and the weight will just fall off because you are making healthy choices."

So, where should BeyoncĂ© start in her quest to get her fantastic abs and toned legs back? With her doctor, according to Jenkins. "A new mother should first wait until she gets clearance from her doctor, and she can immediately start by making healthy food choices. Once a mother receives clearance from her doctor, then her starting point depends on her fitness level," Jenkins said. "A weekly workout regimen should include all of the components of fitness — cardio, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance — for overall functional health and fitness and for maximum results."

Jenkins prescribes a strict training and diet program to her celebrity clients — a four- or five-day-a-week mix of cardio, endurance exercises like circuit training, and strength and flexibility training, including yoga and Pilates — but understands that the outcome will be more successful if the new mom is enjoying the regimen and has realistic expectations."

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  1. Hmmm I need a strict regimen. I already eat pretty good, I need that drive to EXERCISE regularly. I start off good then something makes me "take a break" and I'm ruined. :-(


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