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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes Premiere - Full Recap

What would you do if you had to work together with an ex you hated in order to win a lot of money?

Full Recap Below

  • Couple Drama
  • Prizes & Rules 
  • The Challenge
  • Elimination Round
An all new season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes kicked off yesterday. The show started off by showing clips of whats to come later on in the season and the challenges look gruesome! Rewind 30 days earlier and the challengers are in the Dominican Republic and ready to play.

Everyone is standing in "the Dome" (explanation of the Dome further down).

TJ Lavin is back as the host. He tells the 13 pairs they will be teamed up with either their exes or past hookups.

This will be interesting to see if any exes get back together and if anyone will dip outside of their pair and hook up with someone else? I smell jealousy and drama coming...

Couple Drama

Naomi makes it known that she's still marking Leroy as her territory even though their fling ended in The Real Word Las Vegas. 

"If Leroy was to hook up with another girl, I will kill Leroy and kill the girl he hooks up with," Naomi said. 

Leroy said she still has feelings for him. This can't be good.

The couple with the most history in this challenge is CT and Diem who dated for over a year. I remember when they first started dating on The Duell II and they were so cute. Diem said their relationship was real and she even thought she was going to marry CT.

Mandi finds out she's paired with her hookup Wes from last season on The Challenge Rivals. Remember Mandi hooked up with CT last season too?

"I don't plan on kissing anything but the final paycheck," Mandi said.

Sarah is paired with Vinny and said he is the one night stand she never wanted to see again.

Newcomers Priscilla & Nate who hooked up for like ten seconds on the last season of The Real World San Diego are the rookies in the house, as well as Heather & Dustin from The Real World Las Vegas

The rookies know what it is in this game and already start forming an alliance to save each other, knowing they're at the bottom in the house.

When all the teams move in their new house for this season, they notice there are old pictures everywhere showing each individual couple together. Jasmine takes her frame and photo with Tyree and smashes it on the floor. 

"This is not a relationship, we're not a couple we're competing for money," Jasmine makes clear.

Later on, the rookies tell Diem when they watched The Dual II, they wanted to be in a relationship like her and CT.

But, Diem said so many things happened that she can't go back. Diem goes on to say she broke up with CT because she has a vision. She's trying to have a company that helps patients.

Diem said she had all these things that she had to get done and she didn't think she could do it with somebody. Diem told CT career first and she said he couldn't handle it. Then, during The Dual II, CT hooked up with Shavonne which grossed Diem out. Ohh, I remember that.

CT has another story on why him and Diem stopped talking. He said after his brother passed away, Diem was supposed to come and be there for him. CT said he always felt like he was there for her and the one time he needed Diem she wasn't there for him. He said Diem let him down.

CT and Diem try to sort through their emotional baggage after not seeing each other for years.When the two get some quick alone time together and talk, CT reminds Diem that he was the one dumped. 

CT said he just wants to focus on the challenge and leave their past in the past. His head is left spinning with mixed emotions.

"Being around him is weird because I want to hit him but at the same time I want him to know I did love him," Diem said.

These two are too cute. It's obvious they still have so much love for each other.

Prizes & Rules of the Game

The winners will get:
1st place - $150,000
2nd place - $100,000
3rd place - $40,000

"The Dome" is where all the elimination rounds will take place.

The team who winds up last place in a challenge automatically goes up for elimination. Now, the winning team of the challenge will be the "Power Couple." They will be exempt from elimination that day and they will get to choose another team to send to the Dome. 

Challenge: "Give Me Some Honey"

The first challenge is a sticky situation, literally. The couples had to walk across a balance beam over water, lay in a tub of honey and transfer as much honey as they can into a bucket, by only using their body parts. 

Dustin and Heather get down and dirty (and sticky) in their first challenge.
This process lasted ten minutes per team with the couples taking turns wiping honey off of their partners body. Yes they had to touch their ex!

"I'll get your legs and I'll get whatever is in that sports bra...don't get mad at me I'ma molest you up there," CT told Diem.

The hardest part of this challenge was scraping the honey off of body parts that they probably shouldn't be touching anymore.They all got to cop free feels and had to slip and slide across the beam from the honey dripping down.

At random order, two teams went up against each other.

"Teams that get along in this challenge have a massive advantage...they can communicate, they trust each other. For exes who don't communicate and don't get along, we don't have that luxury," Diem said.

During Diem & CT's turn they went against Priscilla & Nate. Nate slipped off the beam, not once but a couple of times and fell in the water which sucked because then his honey came off, then he had to swim, climb up the rope and start all over again which wasted time. 

CT slipped but caught himself on the beam and kept it moving thanks to his "spider reflexes" as he called it.

The two teams with the most honey transferred then went head to head to be the Power Couple. 

Power Couple Johnny and Camila decide who to send into the Dome against Nate and Priscilla.
In the end it came down to Mark & Robin and Johnny & Camilla who had the most honey in the fastest amount of time. In the final battle Johnny & Camilla killed it and became the first Power Couple.

The rookies are worried now since they don't have control to send in one of the veteran teams into the Dome. Johnny said the rookies are sacrificial lambs.

"You can't trust people who you saw screw over Rookies for years and years," Dustin said.

Wes being typical Wes, tried to get under Camilia's skin and Johnny comes to her rescue.

Wes and his mouth land him in hot water with this week's Power Couple.

"Who are you to run around like you're the shot caller dude?" Johnny said to Wes.

John and Wes still have resentment towards each other from past challenge shows and they brought it to this challenge. 

But Johnny has the power now. Did Wes' mouth get him in trouble yet again?

Elimination Round

Nate & Priscilla were dead last in this weeks challenge which automatically gives them a trip straight to the Dome. They will be joined by Wes & Mandy, personally picked by the Power Couple.

Johnny said politically, the rookies usually are voted in the eliminations first but thanks to Wes' mouth, he's up to compete in the Dome first.

"I'm a little scared, I unfortunately slept with the guy who has the biggest mouth in Challenge history and I hope it doesn't screw me and him over," Mandi said.

The two teams play "X Knocks the Spot" in the Dome. They had to jump over and duck under bars while standing on top of boxes. The last person standing wins. 

Priscilla competes for her team's life in the Dome.

Priscilla is the first to fall off her box, mid jump, leaving her partner Nate to fight for their team all by himself. 

This challenge is like doing squats and standing right back up over and over again. After thirty minutes of the cardio workout, Nate gets knocked off and Mandi & Wes are the winners.

"Johnny and Camilla wasn't that kind of stupid to send us in against debatable the worst team. You knew we were coming back all you did was give us more confidence and scare the rest of the people here," Wes said.

And yet again, a rookie goes home first.

Should the rest of the teams be scared of Wes? What did you think of the premiere?