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Christina Aguilera Responds to Criticism About Her Body

Christina Aguilera
There has been gossip over and over about Christina Aguilera's weight gain with some saying. "from skinny, to curvy, to fat or is she pregnant?"

People always need something to talk about and here being the obvious is her weight. 

Christina spoke out about her recent weight gain recently while promoting The Voice season 2. According to Christina said:

I’ve been in this for a long time. I came out on the scene when I was 17 years old. ‘You can never be too much of anything. You can never be too prefect, too thin, too curvy, too voluptuous,’ this, that. I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum.. [Every] female in this business at one time or another has had criticism… and I’m always a risk taker too.
Christina back in 1999
I’m very confident in my body. I think my video works over the years have spoken to that… I’ve been no stranger to being very comfortable in my own skin.
As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need, that’s all the confirmation I need. I’m happy where I am, I have a boyfriend love that loves my body, I love my body, my son is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters.”

I don't think Christina is fat, she just doesn't have the same stick skinny body that we were used to seeing when she exploded unto the music scene in 1999. 

Christina is not letting the recent criticism bring her down, she's still focused on releasing new material and it has been reported that she is releasing her comeback single "Love Your Body" 

However, I think Christina needs to be mindful of what she wears. Like when she performed at the American Music Awards last year, she wore this tight fitting white dress with boobage popping out. 

Christina still likes to wear tight, edgy on stage outfits, just like the next pop diva, but wear clothes that fit you and compliment your figure. That's all.