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Christina Alguilera's Mystery Drip Sliding Down Her Legs During Tribute

This is the story I mentioned earlier on my radio show, the pics are below...

The funeral for Etta James was held on Saturday and everyone is buzzing about Christina Aguilera’s  heartfelt performance of Etta James’ “At Last.” 

Christina's tribute is now being overlooked by pictures of her "dirty legs" as reports are calling it. A leaky substance was leaking down her legs and nobody knows what the drip is exactly, some sources are saying she caught her period, which I don’t think is the case and others are saying the liquid substance was streaks of fake tanner. 

But, Christina didn’t let that get to her and she kept on singing (video below).



  1. No matter what the drip may be (Lmbo) I still love Christina! She had my respect from the jump with Genie In A Bottle.


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