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Christina Milian Opens Up on Her Divorce From The Dream and Talks About Love

Wow Christina has really gone through it with these men. 

First she dated Nick Cannon and after they split he admitted to cheating on her. Then she married singer/songwriter, The Dream in 2009 and the two separated in 2010 followed by their divorce being finalized in 2011 because he cheated on her too!

According to online reports, the beautiful Christina admitted that her pretty looks didn't stop The Dream from stepping out on her and said a lot of men couldn't believe he cheated on her.

"Beauty has nothing to do with it. I'm a really good wife. I know I'm a really good girlfriend. I know we're supposed to take the blame for certain things but I gotta say I'm pretty good at all that stuff," Christina told comedian Niecy Nash.

Christina said the biggest lesson she learned was not to mistake love for lust. Well good for her for getting over her bad marriage. I hope we hear more music from her.

And it is so true, just because someone has good looks doesn't mean everything in their relationship is perfect, it takes way more than looks to be connected in a relationship. And, if Eric Benet can cheat on Halle Berry!....then shoot, anything is possible.