Monday, January 9, 2012

Common Says Drake is "Canada Dry" in New Comeback Diss Record

Don't underestimate Common!

Common recently released a diss track "Stay Schemin' Remix" and it's aimed right for Young Money's Drake. The two are caught up in a lyrical battle, with rumors saying it is over Serena Williams, Drake's ex. 

Now Common is taking the latest swing at things and in his diss record he responds back:

"…Don’t do it, cause every song you make joe, is really hoe music
I heard you said you wasn’t a b*tch cause you a sing
you a b*tch cause you cling like a b*tch that’s 18
Can’t say my name, but rap about a n*gga’s wife
You so black and white, tryna live a n*ggas life
I’m taking too long with this amateur guy
You aint wetting nobody n*gga, you Canada Dry"

Common says at the end of the song, "make no mistake I'm talking about Drake." 

Ohhhh, Shots fired!

Listen to Common's "Stay Schemin' Remix" below around the 3:34 mark when he comes in:

The beef started when Common dissed Drake on his "Sweet" song, which is aimed for rappers who sing and he called Drake soft:

"Y’all soft m*therf*kers, singing all around me man, la la la/ You ain’t m*therf*kin’ Frank Sinatra/Uh, lil’ b*tch…Sweet A** Muthaf*cker"

In the original "Stay Schemin'" song Drake has a come back for Common around the 1:48 mark in the video below. And, Drake also raps about Kobe's recent divorce and has some words for Vanessa Bryant:

Kobe bout to lose 150 M’s. Kobe my n*gga. I hate it had to be him. B*tch, you wasn’t wit me shootin in the gym.

Here is the original "Stay Schemin'" video below: 


  1. Honestly Common is Wack for that. Its called being multi-talented. Who cares he rap and sing? I thought we was over all this rap war ish back with Biggy vs TuPac lol.

  2. I dont mind a friendly battle, it sells. But Common is so underrated and I dunno why he started with Drake

  3. Right I feel like they are in two diff worlds to be heeding.


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