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Brandy Dishes on "The Game," Her New Album & the Rumored Beef with Kim Kardashian

Season 5 of The Game is premiering tomorrow (Jan. 10) on BET at 10 p.m. and The Wendy Williams Show had Part I of The Game exclusive this morning with part of the cast.

Brandy came out first to discuss her new role on the show "Chardonnay," a sassy bartender. 

Brandy calls her character, a strong black woman and said she knows what she wants. Chardonnay will also play Jason's love interest on The Game.

Brandy then dished about her love life and said she is in love with a man who is in music publishing and she said, "finally!" 

If you watched Brandy's reality show A Family Business, Brandy was shown going on blind dates always looking for "the one." So I'm happy that she finally found him.

Brandy and her boo boo
Brandy is back in the studio and she said her album should be out in May. She also spoke about rapping and said it was just a hobby (thank goodness).

She talked about her role in Tyler Perry's upcoming movie The Marriage Counselor and of course Wendy Williams brought up Kim Kardashian who is also starring in the movie and Brandy discussed the rumored beef

Rumor had it that Brandy didn't want to be on set if Kim Kardashian was in the same room. Well Brandy squashed those rumors and said she never saw Kim while on set because they never had scenes together. And Brandy said she misses their friendship and she can't wait to see Kim at the movie premiere.

Brandy had a heartfelt message for Kim and said, "Kim I love you and I'm here whenever you need me, keep your chin up."

Brandy and Wendy Williams were then joined by the men of The Game; Pooch Hall, Coby Bell and Hosea Chanchez.

Hosea said in the beginning of his Hollywood career, he had to sleep in his car in a Walmart parking lot because his living arrangements didn't work out as planned when he first moved there. Hosea also said he isn't single anymore, he is now dating. 

Coby Bell talked about his dance, "Dip n Pitts" which was shown last season on The Game. Coby said he made it up the night before he shot the scene which now turned into a hit on YouTube. 

Then, Coby, Brandy and Wendy Williams got up and did the "Dip n Pitts."

*** Tomorrow on the Wendy Williams Show, Part II of "The Game" special will air and the whole cast of The Game will be in attendance. The men will be joining Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson for more scoop on the show.

So come back here for the updated details tomorrow!

Update!!! The Game cast returns to The Wendy Williams Show (Part 2)


  1. Oh great... good to know Moesha is still alive and doing well. She had been sitting up in her room for a while now. Good to see she's getting back into acting and possibly music.

    swoosh 2 points for Brandy.

  2. LMAO!!! That is funny! And yea I'm happy for her, as long as she doesn't rap.

  3. Lmbo! Sitting up in her room! I really hope she change her mind though on that rap thing...plz change it!


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