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Is the Disney Channel Poking Fun at Eating Disorders?

#DisneyIsPathetic is trending on Twitter as people are expressing their concerns over a Disney TV show "Shake it Up." There was a joke on the show about a model not eating and she tells another character on the show, "I could just eat you up, well, if I ate" (in video below).

More on the story: Former Disney Actress Slams Disney Over Eating Disorder Joke

Is this offensive or just a really bad joke? Here are some tweets from the trending topic:

 Mrs. Stypayhorlikson 
I miss jonas, miley and demi in Disney Channel, new disney ispathetic :(

 Coreena ♔. 

Disney is pathetic, and everyone is JUST realising it now? I realised when they got rid of normal body figures like Raven + Lizzie..

 Malisa. ♔ 

Disney used to teach that all bodies are beautiful & MUCH MORE. Now they make fun of eating disorders & other celebs. Disney IsPathetic.


By the way "Disney is Patheticis wrong, it should be DisneyCHANNEL is pathetic at least. The Disney company itself is still amazing.


  1. I don't mind them bringing up eating disorders as long as they point out that its an issue. Joking about it only makes it seem ok to impressionable young females.

  2. Disney sure has changed tho, these shows aren't as good as they used to be


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