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Jersey Shore: Vinny Struggles with Anxiety and Leaves the House with One Less Fist Pumper

Episode 2: "The Vinny Show"

Vinny opens up to his boss about his struggles with anxiety.

This week picks back up with Vinny wanting to leave the shore house because of his anxiety from homesickness.

The crew goes out to party and Mike runs into Paula, his friend with benefits from season 1.

The Situation reunites with an old flame.After leaving the club, the roomies get drenched in the rain. With Jionni having nothing to wear. 

Snooki decides to ask Mike if Jionni can borrow one of his t-shirts and Mike also lets Jionni borrow underwear.

"Yea we share girls, so why can't we share underwear?" Mike said.

"Mike has cooties, so the fact that my man is wearing Mike's clothes is like ohh, I hope they're clean," Snooki said.

If Mike has cooties, then you have them too Snooki. Next thing you know Jionni and Mike are bonding even more.

"It's very ironic that Jionni is borrowing my clothes and cooking in the kitchen for me..." Mike said.


Snooki is paranoid that Jionni and Mike are acting like besties and she feels like Mike is going to do something stupid so she throws a fit and goes upstairs, knowing Jionni will follow. 

Yea Snooki, you banged Mike and you want it to stay a secret...not slick. Can someone just give her a lie detector test and get this over with.

Mike, Ronnie and Pauly go out to do G.T.L (gym, tan and laundry) without Vinny who stays home. 

Vinny shows up at work, fashionably late and later tells his boss about suffering from clinical anxiety since he was 16-years-old. Vinny said he's been going through a depressed phase since leaving Italy so he hopes to have happier moments in Jersey to get him out of his funk.

"I'm maturing and I'm not afraid to talk about my anxiety," Vinny said.

The guys decide to have a "guy day" to help keep Vinny's spirits up and they get mani and pedi's.

"Oh yeah, tanning yeah!"

Since Pauly couldn't tan in Italy, he got over excited and tanned so much that he burned his face by exfoliating the part that was peeling. 

Pauly D problems! 

Later, the roomies go out to Karma for the first time this season and they go extra hard, feeling back in their element. 

Snooki gets completely wasted, falls down a couple times and calls Jionni a f*cking idiot. Jionni is pissed and says he can't control her. He winds up babysitting Snnoki the whole night. He must like the drama because he went back to her because that's how she is.
Jersey Shore Season 5 Episode 2 - One Man Down

Vinny starts roaming around Karma by himself and then decides to leave early. He said going to a loud club doesn't help his anxiety.

Pauly and Mike bring girls home from Karma, Sammi and Ron kiss, a drunk Snooki is hooking up with Jionni and even Deena is making out with an old friend. Everyone is getting it on except for Vinny.

Pauly said he wants to get his hookup in, get her out and then call a cab so he can get some sleep. He rushes his chick out the house, not knowing the girl took his diamond chain and stuffed it in her shorts while he was calling a cab for her. 

She appears the next day wearing the chain around her neck. Snooki says this chick probably took the chain on purpose just so she can bring it back to see Pauly and try to smush again.

Now, Pauly's new method is, "...whenever a girl leaves the house, I'm gonna hug her and then pat her down at the same exact time."

Vinny's anxiety overcomes his entire existence and being in the house. Ronnie tries to cheer Vinny up and the two go and hang out on the boardwalk. Ronnie notices that Vinny is at his breaking point. 

Vinny said a lot of craziness happening in the house is making his anxiety worse. Vinny even gave up drinking because he doesn't want to use drinking as an excuse to get better.

He just seems tired of the paryting and bullsh*t which the show is about.

The roommates decide to give Vinny his space feeling that he will feel overwhelmed. So Pauly stays behind while the rest of the roomies go party it up in Karma again. Pauly tries to talk Vinny out of leaving and is frustrated that he doesn't know what to do to make Vinny feel better. 

Vinny tells Pauly not to make it a big deal and says he needs to get better and he says those options are not at the house so Vinny decides to get better at home.

"Stay for me," Pauly said to Vinny and Pauly looked so sad.

"I'm not happy. I'm doing whats best for myself," Vinny said and he bounces.

Vinny doesn't even say goodbye to the rest of the cast mates, he bounces while they're at the club. 

Will the house be the same with Vinny gone?

During the Jersey Shore After House, Deena and Snooki talked about Vinny leaving and how hard it hit them:

"It sucks because Vinny gives the best advice in the house, when it's time for him and we try to give him that same advice, it just doesn't work," Snooki said.

Pauly said he couldn't understand why Vinny wanted to leave the party house. And, Deena said the rest of the roommates felt really distraught when Vinny left because they're all like a family. 

Next week: The cameras are still rolling as Vinny returns home.