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Bad Girls Club Reunion: Camilla & Elease Fight and Audience Members Gang Up on Gia (Video)

Reunion: Part I Recap


Bye bye Perez Hilton, the mama of all bad girls Tanisha Thomas, from Bad Girls Club season 2 hosted the season 8 reunion and all ten bad girl roomies were in attendance to meet up one last time. Tanisha said the girls on this season set the bar high for BGC

As usual, the bad girls who made it all the way to the end of the season came out first which were Demetria, Amy, Erica, Gia and Elease.

Tanisha said to the girls, "I really hope you brought your own makeup artist and extra weave because you never know what is going to go down at the reunion."

She continued to say, "This season was like a game of musical chairs. B*tches got kicked out, clawed out and shoved out."

Tanisha asked the five ladies how did they survive to the end and said Amy has a little hood in her and thought she wouldn't make it to the end. Amy said growing up she always had altercations with females and she wasn't afraid to fight back.

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Elease said the girls made her life a living hell in the beginning and she actually thanked them for that. She said she has never been in a fight until stepping foot in the bad girls house.

Erica said girls have to be mentally strong to survive in the house. She owned up to her past mistake with jumping Elease and said, "What we did to Elease was wrong... I've apologized and I'm still making it up to her now." 

Demetria admitted she can't fight and said she wasn't raised to handle issues by putting hands on other people.

Next up, Camilla came out and got a lot of cheers from the audience. She said, "they want me to pop off...we're in the West coast boo so don't get it twisted." I don't know who she was talking too.

The other girls gave Camilla the stank face as soon as she walked out and at first didn't have anything to say. 

"I have no problem with you ignoring me, that's what you should do, that's the smartest move you can ever do" Camilla said to Demetria. 

Tanisha asked Camilla how does it feel to see her haters again.

"Look at their faces, they all look a mess," Camilla answered.

Camilla didn't come empty handed, she brought presents along and gave Amy and Demetria weave since she ripped their weaves out during the season.

Tanisha addressed the Camilla and Amy fight. Amy said she really has no issue with Camilla now. Then Camilla talked about standing her ground against the original bad girls in the house. 

"I don't tell you what I want to do, I do what I want to do that's what a bad girl does," she said

Erica explained her role in the fight and said the girls had a pact to stand up for each other if anyone else moved a bed, which is what Camilla did.

Tanisha asked Camilla who did she have the biggest beef with at the moment.

"Right now I don't have beef with any of these girls because they're not worth any of my time," Camilla said.

Elease had some personal beef with Camilla and  thought Camilla took advantage of Amy while she was drunk. But Camilla said Amy kissed her first.

The two kept going back and forth. Elease said she'll give Camilla a, "305 a** whoopin," Camilla made Elease flinch (which was funny) and next thing you know Camilla pops off and swings at her.

Camilla had some help and one of her friends came out from the audience and swung at Elease too as security was holding Camilla back.

Tanisha jumped up and banged a couple pans while screaming, "Ain't nobody jumping anybody in this b*tch."

Elease and Camilla should be on a Love Games season together.

Remember Christine? 

Well she actually came to the reunion, even though she's dubbed as the weakest bad girl ever.

Tanisha asked her, "i think you broke a record in the Bad Girls House. Why did you come?" 

Christine said where she's from, she wouldn't just let anybody pick on her like that. She also actually laughed while watching the footage of her getting jumped when she was leaving the house.

"First of all if you're gonna jump me you better have a reason," Christine said.

Umm, ok.

Many of us probably thought Elease was wrong for beating up on another replacement in the house after seeing what she went through. Elease actually apologized for touching Christine and said she didn't deserve getting hit.

Tanisha told Christine she lost made points in her book when the other girls jumped her because she could have at least grabbed somebody, anybody!

Gia said it was nothing against Christine personally and said she was going to hit her by herself because she wasted a spot that could have been for someone else.

"You can come at me one on one becuase at the end of the day I am a woman and I handle my own," Christine said to Gia.

Gia was the only one who said she didn't learn sh*t about herself at the end of the BGC experience and she seemed so negative. 

Throughout the reunion show, Gia had random haters in the audience who made comments saying they can beat her a**.

The Twins came out next and had presents. They said Elease was scripted the whole season and they wrote her a note saying, "P.S. You suck... a lot of d*ck."

Elease wasn't feeling the note and got up to grab it. Gabi got up and slipped on some random maple syrup that was in a cup under her seat, I guess she planned on throwing that??

"Where is the pancakes, you brought syrup with no pancakes?" Tanisha asked The Twins. Lol!

Gia yells back at the audience
Gia got up and walked off the stage, she didn't want any syrup on her custom made catsuit looking outfit. When she returned to the stage, the audience booed her a little. 

"I want the audience to shut the f*ck up... ya'll didn't make the cut," Gia said out loud to some of the chicks in the audience who were laughing at her.

Then, she gave them the finger and got into it with a couple audience members. As security came to remove people in the audience, Gia kept yelling out that they didn't make the cut and said they wish they were a bad girl. 

Gia then spit out towards the audience members and fought some random chick. Fighting with audience members... that's a BGC reunion first!

While security and everyone was distracted with Gia's fight, Camilla found this to be the perfect opportunity to hit Elease again, and she kicked her and Elease fell down. 

Afterwards, Camilla had to leave off the stage and Gia left too. Watch the madness unfold below:

Well back to Dani and Gabi...

Tanisha called them some serious bullies and said they gave a whole new meaning to 'mean girls.' 

Gia returned back to the stage.

Gabi said she had anger management and she's a little more calm nowadays. She said she felt her so-called friends in the house were being fake and that got her more amped up during the season. They also thought Elease wasn't that bad towards the end.

Tanisha asked Elease what she thought of The Twins now.

"I feel like the twins should have had a different approach," Elease said. 

Gabi said she is fed up with Erica because she talked bullsh*t all season and they wish they were friends with Gia and not Erica.

All the girls watched the epic fight between The Twins and the rest of the girls. 

Tanisha called the fight, "ratchetness at its finest."

"That was the biggest fight in Bad Girls history and ultimately made us the stars, thank you," Dani said to the girls.

Later on, Camilla returned to the stage.

Towards the end, Erica addressed The Twins on being cyber bullies and they started talking about their Twitter beef. Demetra said The Twins have the biggest balls ever on the internet.

Dani called Erica's bluff and said she needs an army standing behind her to back her up. Erica said she doesn't care for The Twins anymore.

"You were like the ring leader of the house, you get here and you're so quite, wassup?" Tanisha asked Erica.

Erica said she changed since the Bad Girls Club (cough...bullsh*t). 

The Twins and Erica start arguing and Tanisha can't even get a word in. She pulls out a bag of popcorn, passes it around and just watches as the girls go back and forth with each other. 

At the end, Erica got up from her seat, started walking over to The Twins and said, "raise up at me then." 

We'll see what happens next week on Part II of the reunion!

What did you think of the reunion?


Next week: Part II of the BGC reunion and Tanisha Gets Married premieres.

Reunion looks: 
- Gia had too much weave in and she looked tired in the face

- Erica looked the same with the same color red weave (lol at the The Twins saying she looks like Buzz Light Year)

- Demetria's hair looked much better on the reunion, without the blonde piece

- Amy was way too tan!

- Elease, Camilla and Christina looked pretty. I liked Elease's glitter dress, too bad she kept falling on the floor when Camilla came at her.

Coming Soon!! Look out for my BGC post where I'll review all the replacement chicks and point out the weakest, the strongest and the most entertaining throughout all 8 seasons.


  1. where did camilla get her heels? i LOVE them.

  2. Camilla is nothing but ghetto trash. She thinks people hate on her because she is "beautiful". The only reason people do, is because her attitude stinks.

  3. Yes I agree with you on that Camilla ain't shit but a be honest really she was a nobody on the show hahahahahah "some one was feeling a little lonely" hahahhahahaha and she gives herself to much credit for the way she look because she aint even pretty...she looks cheap

    1. Doubt it. Real recogonizes real. Get a clue...

    2. Camilla was badder than the origninals so what u sayin !

  4. Hell yeah she ghetto I think she's real but I dont like her she wants to be friends with everybody and shes a punk for running up on ellease then she ran why was she scared the twins ugly af and they annoying as hell I wish they would jump them again that was my favorite part

  5. I think errone up in here is fake except Camilla she kept it real! The twins is annoying! Mimi she ain't all bad but her mouth Bigga den her head as well as Amy! Erica talked but did nun unless someone was Behind her to bak her up and elease is fake! So Camilla keeps it real n I like her da most real talk!!!

  6. Camilla Seem To Be Feeling Herself A Little Too Much She Needs To Remember She Was Only A Replacement Not The Real Deal Shes To Loud And Ghetto She Thinks Its Cute But Its Just Making Her Look Ignorant And Ugly

  7. No Camilla is not ghetto trash. She is the only real bad girlon the show. The other bitches need eachother in order to fight. They never fight one on one. All they do is jump eachother, and that's what punk ass bitches do. Atleast Camilla is bad enough to fight for herself.

  8. Lol I loved this :)

  9. You was good girl

  10. Camilla is a fake ass ..stuck up ghetto hoe...sadly she didn't get her ass beat instead she thought she was bad ass cuz she ripped other girls hair out ...n her mom on the phone ..who the Fk was she talking to when camilla n amy were fighting ...what a wack ghetto she is...n the twins just also nasty hoes who think they all that but they both look like a fat guys left n right ass cheeks.

  11. Camilla is a bad bitch. Yeah shes pretty but can throw down. I loved her. She seems cool as f**k. Shes the baddest bitch yet. #teamcamilla

  12. Camilla isnt ghetto. Shes a woman til u piss her off. She is a bad girl.

  13. !Camilla is trash. 4he is ghetto. All the weaves and name brands can't take the ghetto out of the girl. She has no inter and intra personal skills, she is a jealous woman. She is obviously a nut case. I feel sorry for her, she cnt have a decent conversation without attacking someone. She has no intellectual abilities. I'm so proud of my intellectual, gifted well mannered girls. I'm glad we are who we are and we are so blessed not to be like that. Its sad. Its an ugly very ugly picture. I feel sorry for her parents


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