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Love Games: Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Which Proves to Be Right in This Weeks Episode

Seven guys are left and it's about that time for one of the bad girls to go home soon...

The girls count up how many guys are on their teams and realize the game is almost over. 

Kori thinks she's winning since she sent Robby home last week, who was one of Sydney's men. Now, Kori realizes she needs to take out one of Judi's guys next to stay in the lead.

John tells Judi he's a competitor and says he likes competition and he wants to be on the winning team. But is that all he is worrying about...just winning? 

This weeks HBIC challenge is all about strengthening relationships. The guys go shopping for the ladies, on a spending spree. But the twist is, they don't know the spending spree is the challenge because it is a secret challenge.

Tanisha tells the ladies before the spending spree challenge, that they have to butter the guys to get them to spend their money. But the ladies aren't allowed to tell the men about the challenge, if they do then they'll be eliminated. And the guys were only allowed to buy one gift for the one lady they're feeling the most and they had to spend their own money. 

The men are taken to a Beverly Hills jewelry store and they realize this challenge is no joke because they'll be spending quite a bit of money. Some of the guys spent in the high hundreds, even thousands.

They head back to the house, reveal which girl they shopped for and they show off their presents. It wasn't so much who had the most presents but the lady who received the most total value in presents will be crowned the winner.

John went all out and bought Sydney three presents, he was the only guy on 'Team Sydney' to buy her something and his total value came to $621. 

Chris announced that he bought a gift for his Nana and not just for any girl he just met. 

Nick also didn't buy any of the ladies anything and said, "you don't buy your friends girl jewelry," referring to Joey. 

Kori was pissed that two of her guys didn't buy anything. Joey was the only guy on 'Team Kori' to buy anything and his total value alone came to $1,088. Okay Joey, okay!

Joey's bling-bling for Kori
Judi received gifts from Edson, Matthew and Jonathan and their combined total value was $1,407 which made Judi this weeks HBIC.

Judi, being the nice person she is, picked the right dates for the other ladies; she picked John for Sydney and Joey for Kori. 

For their additional dates, Sydney picked Chris, Kori picked Edson and Judi picked Nick, figuring that Kori is done with him since he didn't buy her anything during the challenge. She wants to lock Nick in 'Team Judi.'

The ladies go on their dates in a closed down lingerie store. John walked in the dressing room with Sydney and got to see everything, her with lingerie on and without it. Kori walked out of her dressing room in her lingerie to show off of her body to all of the guys drooling, including Judi's guy Matthew. 

"I love exposing my body, getting naked and showing off," Kori said.

Kori tries to move in on Edson during their date and Judi catches feelings. She's also pissed that Kori is using her fake boobs to her advantage to get the guys to like her.

After the dates, John starts making plans to head towards victory. 

Matthew realizes John is playing both sides of the fence and he steals Judi away. Matthew tells Judi that she has to send John home by putting him up for elimination.

Judi asked John if Sydney was to go home, whose team would he be on and John said the winning team. Instead of sending John in for elimination, she kept him around and nominated Joey.

This is an important elimination round because afterwards one of the ladies have to leave. So Judi nominates Chris, Nick and Joey, all of 'Team Kori.' Kori has a meltdown during the elimination at the possible thought of Joey going home. 

Chris eliminates himself! He isn't feeling anybody.
Chris stands up to plead his case but instead he tells the ladies that the reason him and Nick didn't buy anything during the challenge is because they don't have chemistry with any of the ladies. 

Wow! Well at least Chris was honest and he announced that he wants to go home. So Sydney and Kori decide to let him leave making their vote easier.

"I'm here to find love and I didn't fall for any of them in that kind of way so there's no reason for me being here," Chris said.

Next week: One of the bad girls is eliminated, the guys get tattoos of the girls initials and Miss "I run L.A." herself, Natalie Nunn makes an appearance in the house. Uh-oh!