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Love Games: Natalie Nunn is Back in the 'Love Games' House to Stir Up Drama, One Bad Girl is Eliminated, See What She Had to Say on Twitter!

Which bad girl makes an early exit?

This week, the bad girls want each of the guys on their teams in making sure to lock in the most votes to not get sent home, because now a bad girl goes home as well as one of the guys.

Kori starts paying close attention to Edson, she wants to lock him in. But, Judi notices. 

Judi pulls Edson, Matthew, Nick and Jonathan aside and has a team meeting. She thanks them for being 'Team Judi' but Nick isn't exactly sure if he is all the way on her side since Judi put him up for elimination in last weeks episode.

Tanisha announces that one of the bad girls will be going home and said she has one other person who wants to give them props as well. 

Then, Natalie Nunn, Love Games season 2 contestant and a season 4 bad girl, comes through. 

Uh-oh, something is about to happen with Natalie around!

The challenge tested the ladies to see how much they wanted to win HBIC as Tanisha and Natalie put the ladies through a series of dares. 

The ladies picked teams with the men as their life lines. For each dare they didn't do they lost a life line. The bad girl with the most men on her team at the end won.

The first dare consisted of Natalie picking one guy from each team and she had to make out with them for 30 seconds. Judi didn't mind this dare, in fact she said, "Of course, I wish I could kiss Natalie."

Nick (on Judi's Team), Joey (on Kori's Team) and John (on Sydney's Team) were the chosen ones and got to make out with Natalie. 

When it was John's turn, he was souped and couldn't wait to kiss Natalie. His body language showed it too. There was tongue, rubbing and a little butt grabbing. 

And, we all know how Sydney gets over John. She turned around while Natalie and John made out. 

Sydney winds up getting up and running out the room, she couldn't take it anymore and she started crying. 

Did John care? Nope! He even slapped one of the guys high five after kissing Natalie.

"I just care a little bit more than these girls do for these men," Sydney said.

Sydney and John's rocky relationship is taking a toll on their chances of winning because on the next dare, each bad girl had to give up one of their gifts from last weeks challenge. 

Sydney didn't partake in this dare because she didn't want to give Natalie anything.

In the final dare, the girls had to tattoo one of their guys' initials anywhere on their body.

"When you tattoo someones initials or name on your body, boom, right there it is not going to work," John said.

All three bad girls take on the challenge and get tatted up in order to win the very important HBIC title.

Sydney gets eliminated from the game first, since her pride got in the way of her game playing and she didn't want to give Natalie any of her jewelry, she was one man down.

Judi and Kori are now tied, both of them still have two guys. So during the tie breaker they both had to weigh themselves and their guys had to guess their weight. 

"I don't have nothing to hide, I'm hot, I'm petitie, I'm not fat like Judi is, bring it on," Kori said.

The team with the closest guess was Judi's team (Matthew and Nick) and she becomes HBIC for the second week in a row.

Go Judi!

Since Judi is HBIC she gets to pick her date and the other girls dates. Judi plays smart and picks Nick for herself, to grow a better connection with him and she chooses Jonathan for Sydney and Matthew for Kori.

Sydney has a fit and refuses to go on a date with Jonathan since the two no longer bond. 

"You have a lot of balls around Natalie Nunn," Sydney said to Judi.

Even after John tells her to be the bigger woman and just go on the date, Sydney stays home.

Kori and Judi go on their dates and head to the beach. Since Jonathan was stood up on his date and went alone, Kori reels him in and tries to make him "Team Kori."

Joey makes it known that it is possible to fall in love on a reality show and he is head over heels for Kori. Aww!

Later on and back at the house, Natalie tells the remaining guys who didn't go on dates; John, Matthew and Joey that she wants a tour of the house. 

John jumps up at the chance to show Natalie around AND he thinks Sydney went on her date like they discussed, but he doesn't know Sydney stayed behind.

Natalie and John make out again inside the house and outside the house. Natalie is a trip! She's already stealing men, lol.

Sydney catches Natalie and John kissing outside and she walks out on the balcony and starts freaking out. John see's Sydney and he knows he is busted!

"The moment he gets around a b*tch that looks good, he wants to touch her," Sydney tells Tanisha. Sydney said she can't trust John.

Sucks for Sydney because she just got John's name tattooed on her! What a dummy. 

John admits to Sydney that he kissed Natalie and said he got caught up in the moment. He apologizes then walks away. Wow!

While this episode aired yesterday, the bad girls and some of the contestants were tweeting up a storm.

Sydney tweeted:

 Sydney T Steinfeldt 

Stop comin at me saying im pathetic, sorry I showed my feelings. I was an emotional wreck. Be real humans n respect me admitting it smh
 Sydney T Steinfeldt 

I didn't fall in love that house destroys one... No lie ask it's not easy n she saw EVERYTHING stuff y'all didn't see...
 Sydney T Steinfeldt 

Y'all relax that was 6 months ago the f*ck I told y'all I was crazy but I've had time to decompress and get it together. People change. Smh

John tweeted:

 John Marshal 

The drama of reality TV -__- . . . LOL they made that worse than it looked!

And check out what Natalie was tweeting during the show:

 natalie nunn 


 natalie nunn 


 natalie nunn 

 i was thinking sydney was gonna come downstairs and fight me!! ... I WAS WAITING!!!

 natalie nunn 

Sydney didn't do shit because that bitch know I'm from Oakland and she a scurred ass ratt

 natalie nunn 


Towards the end of the show, the six guys left in the house had to choose which bad girl to send home. Majority ruled in the house and I saw it coming already, Sydney was voted off. 

Sydney was there for love but she didn't play the best game. She got too caught up and emotional over one guy. So maybe it was good for her and her time to go home.

Right after, Judi had to nominate three guys for elimination and she picked; Joey, Nick and surprisingly Jonathan.

She should have put John up, I didn't understand that move on her part. John should have went home with Sydney. 

Judi said since Sydney is gone she feels like John will be on her side now. Don't these chicks realize John doesn't care which girl he is with, he is just about winning. 
Jonathan is eliminated this week

"Her voodoo is not working, I don't think," Edson said about Judi.

Kori had to decide all by herself, which guy to send packing and in the end Jonathan didn't make the cut.

Now, Matthew is worried since Judi kept John around, he doesn't know her intentions or John's.

Next week is the finale of Love GamesJohn is just playing the game and playing both of the girls. And did I see Joey kiss Judi??