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Pretty Little Liars: Lucas Explains His Strange Behavior to Hanna and Spencer is on a Jenna Mission

Episode 3: Let the Water Hold Me Down

Last week, Caleb's surprise party went horribly wrong when Hanna believed Lucas was trying to harm her out on the lake at Spencer's family's lake house. Lucas was looking more and more suspicious after the girls found out he was the one that called the crises hot line.

This week on Pretty Little Liars, Lucas hasn't come up to shore and Hanna believes he is still out and about somewhere. And, the girls can't believe that Lucas would help A. 

Hanna also said, the night she got out of the hospital, she found out that Lucas was the one who destroyed Allison's memorial and he made Hanna promise not to tell anyone to keep him safe.

***I feel like Lucas is being dragged into some mess and he's doing things that he doesn't want to do.

Hanna takes a swallow of water, not knowing it is lake water and then she receives a text from A:

"No fun chugging lake water is it? Choke on this b*tch - A"

Hanna finds out that Lucas did call his parents but he hasn't been home yet. The girls suspect that A has been at Spencers lake house before and they also think since Lucas knew his way around the attic in last weeks episode, then he might have helped Jenna and Garrette (who might be A) clean up their mess.

Aria and Holden, her friend she knew since pre-school, make plans to go on a date. Aria and her family bumped into Holden and his family during last weeks episode. And this week Aria actually goes on a date with Holden, but only in hopes of running into Ezra at the Playhouse. 

Aria has been banned from seeing Ezra and her family has been keeping strict tabs on her ever since Ezra confessed his love for Aria.

And how romantic was it when Aria see's Ezra at the Playhouse! For a moment, everything went in slow motion and then Holden walked over. Oh no! 

While Holden is talking to Aria, she can't even stop starring at Ezra. But comes to find out, Ezra doesn't stay for the entire show and Aria is crushed that he leaves early. Ever since her father went to Ezra's house to talk, Ezra has been keeping his distance from Aria.

Mona and Hanna's relationship takes a bad turn when Mona calls Hanna selfish for not caring about her problems. Hanna runs in the school bathroom and starts crying, then someone comes in the bathroom behind her and floods the bathroom sink with a little toy boat in it. Then, Hanna receives a text from A:

"Life is but a dream Hanna. And I'm your nightmare - A"

Caleb starts getting suspicious of Hanna when she seems disinterested in finding Lucas.

 He gets mad when Hanna doesn't tell him the truth about what happened in the boat between her and Lucas and Caleb storms out.

Later, Hanna starts to get worried when she doesn't hear from Caleb. As she calls him, someone sneaks into her house and it is just her and her mother home. 

Then, we see Lucas in Hanna's room and he's the one who sneaks in! Hanna gets worried because she thinks Lucas is dangerous.

Caleb comes to the rescue and goes to Hanna's room. But the only thing Lucas does is come clean Caleb. 

Lucas explains his strange behavior. He says he took Hanna out on the boat so they could be alone and talk. Lucas tells Caleb that he lost all of his money, the money that Caleb let Lucas hold for him in his account when Caleb went off to California.

Lucas said he started betting on basketball games and then it became a habit and he lost thousands of dollars of his money and Caleb's and he was scared to tell him. 

Maya is back in Emily's life after she got shipped away to a camp by her family. Emily shows Maya around her job at the crises center. 

Maya keeps getting calls and texts and tells Emily she will meet her back at her house, but her facial expression changes as she walks away, from happy to pissed looking.

Emily can tell that Maya is keeping something from her and starts to worry that A may be going after her. 

Later, Emily and Maya use fake ID's to sneak into a club and Maya admits to Emily that she hooked up with someone while she was away. Maya said her past hookup is over but HE won't take no for an answer. Yup, she said HE.

Towards the end of the episode, Spencer is looking for 'A' clues from stuff that was left behind in her family's attic at the lake shore house. 

She goes to a center for the blind. While there, she runs into somebody that knows Jenna. He tells Spencer about Jenna's motivation to better herself while she was at the blind center. The guy tells Spencer, Jenna kept saying she had things to do back home. 

Spencer steals a sign in book from the blind center and shows the girls later on. They realize the book was from the day before Allison went missing. Jenna told the girls that Allison visited her that day but they see Allison didn't sign in the book on that day. But, they do see that Garrett signed in and he signed Jenna out that night. They also never signed back in, meaning they could have been out all night, on the night that Allison was murdered.

Towards the end of the show we see 'A' loosen a screw, looks like it is in some tool shed and someone may get hurt from the loose screw.