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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Finally Gets Through to Jim and He Pops the Question! (Video)

Full Recap and Jim's Proposal (Video) Below

Erica meets up with Yandy after last weeks fight with Kimbella. Erica said Kimbella was pathetic for throwing a glass at her and Yandy doesn't get why Erica was so negative towards Kimbella. Erica says she just feels like Kimbella isn't on her level career wise.

"I had to school Erica a little bit, you're not gonna come in my world and turn it upside down and think you and I are gonna be friends..." Yandy said.

Yandy checks Erica and straight up tells her they aren't friends and that she was just invited because Yandy thought she was a potential client.

Teirra Marie says after the fight she wanted to meet Kimbella and get to know the type of person she is. 

Kimbella tells her that she spazzed on Erica because she started talking about her family and Kimbella even starts to cry. 

She's still mad over the comment Erica made last week about her man Juelz Santana, when Erica told her "That's why your man is probably with the next chick."

"She's f*cking 70 pounds with two air balloons on her chest...jealousy comes in all types of women...," Kimbella said.

Teirra Marie meets up with Olivia, Chrissy and Emily and says Yandy shouldn't have brought around Erica because she doesn't know her. Yandy is also the one who brought around Kimbella who didn't vibe with the rest of the girls in the beginning and Olivia says that doesn't look too good for Yandy.

Yandy later on goes to Olivia's manager, Rich to pass Erica off to him because she doesn't want to represent her anymore. Yandy introduces the two and Erica sings for Rich. 

"Listening to shorty singing...singing wise, she's not good...she's not bad," Rich said.

Nah, she's wack! Lol. Erica needs a lot of practice then maybe she can add the singing to her modeling career. But Rich is intrigued and see's something in Erica so he'll take her under his wing for now.

Yandy later on talks to Kimbella to make things right after bringing Erica along to meet her. Kimbella said everything Erica was claiming is false. 

The two ladies bond and Kimbella reveals to Yandy that Erica's comment about Juelz brought her back to her childhood memories when her dad had children with other women. 

Kimbella said she is mad at her mom because her mother taught her nothing and she had to teach herself everything growing up. Kimbella said she never wants her children going through that.

Yandy reveals that her father was addicted to drugs and she said this is probably the reason why she isn't in a lot of relationships because she is always in control from watching her mother go through it.

Chrissy and Mama Jones are bonding more these days. Chrissy starts talking about her problems with Yandy and Mama Jones said Yandy needs to stay in her place as a manager and not be in Chrissy's place. Chrissy also shares her worries about her and Jim's relationship.

"... I don't know how much longer I can keep being this ride or die chick without the appreciation," Chrissy said.

Mama Jones meets with Yandy to talk about Chrissy. Yandy feels like nothing will change between her and Chrissy and she is prepared to walk away if she has to constantly battle with Jim's personal life.

Yandy goes to Kimbella's house and talks to Juelz for advice about Chrissy. Yandy feels like Jim is against her now and feels betrayed.

"I'm done, I'm tired, I can't fight no more, I quit," Yandy said.

Yandy claims VH1 producers set up the fights

Back at the Jones' residence on another day, Chrissy brings up her and Jim's relationship and says she exhausted. Chrissy is also disgusted with Yandy's behavior and lack of respect for her and thinks Jim should take care of the issue. Chrissy feels Yandy is not representing Jim's career in the right way.

"I'm tired of fighting for ground with you...I just need you to be more emotional available for me," Chrissy tells Jim. "I need a break from this sh*t."

Chrissy is tired of the stupidity and Jim always being on the go. She tells her friends; Olivia and Emily she might have to prepare to live life without Jim and says she needs a vacation. And along with Teirra Marie, the four of them escape to Miami.

While the ladies are out and about having girl talk, who pops up? Jim does! And he proposes to Chrissy (which we heard about back in October). Jim Jones Finally Did It

Of course there was no traditional, getting on one bended knee for Jim.

Chrissy Lampkin Shows Off Engagement Ring With Fiancee Jim Jones At "Love & Hip-Hop" Premier Party
Peep the ring
"The fact that my Jimmy knew it was time to do the right thing, was priceless," Chrissy said.

Jim could have proposed a little bit better. Chrissy has been waiting for that moment forever! But I guess the point is...he did it. Watch the proposal below:

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  1. He got her good boy! She shut up real quick when she saw that box. Bout time she hushes her daggon mouth. However, I am happy for to see if they actually get married.

    Now this Erica chick...I need her to go jump off a bridge somewhere!!! She got nerve beasting on Kimbella like that when she didn't do anything to her and ADMITTED it! How insecure can you be to do that? Ugh. OH and he singing...STOP PLAYIN! She cannot be serious. Can we say...don't quit your day job?

  2. Yea man he did! It was so cute, not the way she was crying lol but they're cute. I was like finallyyyy Jim! This chick isnt going anywhere so wife her up


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