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Love Games: The Exes Come Through Which Stirs Up Some Controversy & Jealousy

Things heat up this week on Love Games when the guys' exes come through and meet the bad girls.

Sydney starts feeling Robby and says he's down with her all the way. Kori says Joey is her number one and the rest of the men are all her pawns. 

Judi and Sydney talk out their problems. Sydney says she was frustrated because she thought Judi was trespassing on her territory. 

"...this sh*t is clearly fake and I'm not stupid," Judi said. "They're all phony they're all fake, it's every girl for them self and I'm 'Team Judi.'"

Kori gets upset when she see's Sydney and Judi talking like they're buddy, buddy and she thinks they're tying to play her.

The ladies have to strut themselves and their men on the runway during this weeks HBIC challenge. Tanisha brings in the men exes and drops the ball on everybody when she says the competition will also be judged by them. The guys were shaken up in not knowing if their exes would throw them under the bus or back them up in the challenge.

As soon as the exes walk out the girls grill them, especially Sydney and especially when John's ex walks out. Sydney wasted no time getting on the exes bad side, probably not a smart move Sydney, especially since they're the judges in this weeks challenge. 

"B*tches you're an ex for a reason and guess what, he's here for me now," Sydney said.

Sydney and John don't come off to a good start and they start arguing before the challenge even starts. The ladies get with their teams, perform and try to impress the exes.

In the end, the exes thought Sydney had a very strong personality and her "booty quake" didn't win the exes over. Kori wanted to win the challenge to screw over Sydney and Judi's budding "friendship" and she won the HBIC title this week to do just that.

After the challenge, the men chilled out while the exes has a chance to talk with the bad girls. Then, Tanisha sat in with the ladies as the men and their exes were put in the hot seat and the some secrets were released.

Jonathan might have broken all ties with Sydney when Sydney asked him if he would choose his ex over her. 

Jonathan answered honestly and said 'yes' because right now Sydney has nothing more to offer than her big butt. Matthew's ex was the only woman who didn't participate in the questioning, something is fishy about that.

It came to no surprise that Sydney and John's ex didn't get along when it was their turn to go in the hot seat because Sydney wrote her off as a b*tch from the start. Sydney said it took everything in her to not to reach over and punch John's ex in the face. But John's ex wasn't sitting there taking any mess from Sydney either.

John and his ex
When John said him and his ex are friends, Sydney's jealousy kicked into high gear and she got up and left the room. 

But, shortly after Sydney came back and asked her final question and John said he rather be with Sydney than his ex, but he said it could quickly change if Sydney doesn't check her attitude.

Kori chooses Robby and Edson and tries to make them 'Team Kori' on her date. She picks Matthew for Judi, hoping that Judi would focus all her attention on him. Judi chooses Jonathan for her second date. 

Kori picks Chris for Sydney in thinking he will report back to her. John gets chosen this time around by Sydney and while on their date, Chris tells Jonathan that he wants to be 'Team Sydney.'

Kori uses her HBIC power and steals Chris away for a little bit during his date with Sydney. But Chris is playing both Sydney and Kori into thinking he's on their team.

After the dates, Kori rounds up the guys she trust in the house; Joey, Chris and Nick and tells them to round up Edson, Jonathan and Robby. Kori calls them the "floaters" in the house and doesn't know if those men are there for her. 

Robby is eliminated this week
During elimination, Sydney and Judi agree to save Edson first because he is feeling all three of the ladies.

 However, they can't come up with a final decision in choosing between Robby and Jonathan so the decision goes back to Kori. 

Jonathan has been up for elimination the most and Kori decides to save him again because Robby is only 'Team Sydney' so now he is eliminated.

"It's all shady a** bullsh*t," Sydney said after the elimination round and she's pretty bummed out Robby had to leave.