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Madonna Throws Shade on Lady Gaga (Video)

Is there a little beef/jealousy between these two pop divas?

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Madonna speaks about being in love, marriage and kissing Nicki Minaj on her birthday. But, the most asked about viewer question for Madonna was her feelings on Lady Gaga.

"It feels reductive," Madonna said about Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" song. When asked if that was good, Madonna simply answered, "look it up." (Video below)

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Oh no. Pleaseeee Madonna don't be that person! Don't be the legend that is hating on the younger popular chicks coming up in the game now. 

No one is really original anymore but if Madonna dwells on the fact that Gaga is trying to be like her, it is just going to make her look bad.

Madonna will be on ABC's 20/20 tonight at 10 p.m. to speak more about the Lady Gaga comments.