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Miley Cyrus is Embarrassed Over These Leaked Photos...

Disney star Miley Cyrus was recently blasted all over the internet with photos showing her mouth open over a giant peen cake.

If you've ever been to a bachelorette party then I'm sure you have seen this type of cake before.

Now, Miley is getting a lot of slack for posing provocatively with such a cake. The peen cake was for her boyfriend, Liems Hemsworth his birthday party. 

I don't know why this cake would be at a guys party.

And now according to reports, Miley is embarrassed of the photos circulating around and her boyfriend had to help calm her down. There are also recent reports saying Miley is being branded as a bad influence.

I get that she's always in the public eye and she has to be careful of all the cameras around but c'mon...lighten up.

This is a 19-year-old who people still view as the little cute Hannah Montana. Miley is an adult now, it was a party and she was having a little fun. It's not really a penis she's posing with, it is a cake!


  1. LMBO that is soooo funny! Sad but true, when famous be prepared to be watched and judged by all you do.

    1. I thought she shoulda been like eff it im over 18!! but noo she got embarrassed, like you're exposed already man up and deal with it lol

    2. LOL I mean I would prob be embarrassed too. All your friends and family are probably being clowned because of it lol. This is just something she has to learn from and move on lol.


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