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Kourtney & Kim Take New York Finale Recap: Kim's Fairy tale Comes to an End with Divorce

New York turned out to be nothing that Kim Kardashian expected it to be. Last night was the season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take New York and things got pretty interesting.

It was kind of hard watching last nights finale and trying to believe everything was real; the clips, the editing and the emotions, after finding out that the Kardashian shows are staged sometimes, like when Kim and her mother left Dubai in the limo scene.

But I watched and during the finale, both couples moved out of their New York place and Kim admits her feelings towards Kris and their relationship and said things changed.

And, this was what everyone was waiting for, to see exactly how these two came to a point when they were ready for divorce. 

Although we don't actually see them ending it, Kim says towards the end of the finale that when her and Kris get back to Las Vegas she will talk to him privately, meaning without the cameras, but the clues were there throughout the whole show that they were pretty much a wrap.

Kim and Kris tried to spend more time together, they go on this date and have nothing to talk about, Kim says things are awkward between them and Kris even starts to notice Kim is changing.

Kim spazzes out when Kris tells her he will move his stuff in her Los Angeles home. She starts having mini panic attacks, so she says and starts crying. Kim makes a big deal over the ten to 15 boxes that Kris wants to move in her place and says she doesn't have the space.

Oh, God forbid that your husband wants to actually move in with you and think about you're future together! And with that big ol' house...she has room, so that's no excuse.

Kim didn't want to change her last name, she wanted everything her way and she doesn't want her husband to fully move in with her...yea, something is wrong, like she wasn't too serious about the marriage.

Kourtney even called Kim "a b*tch" for the way she acted towards Kris when he said he wanted to move his stuff in, then there was more crying from Kim.

I like when Scott told Kim, "you do realize you're married right?"

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Kim said she feels bad for Kris, for him  totally changing his life around and how he fell in love with her and him moving from his home town. 

Crying or Acting?
"He's everything on paper, exactly what I want in someone but for some reason my heart isn't connecting, I tried and I tried but I don't know what to do," Kim said.

She also admits to feeling bad for having a huge wedding and wasting everyone's time and money. 

"At 30 years old I thought I would be married with kids and I failed at this...people change their minds, people make mistakes," she said.

Scott tells Kim that she's a helpless romantic and that she felt pressured because Khloe is married and Kourtney has children and is in a relationship so Kim just wanted the happy ending like her sisters.

Later on, Kris is shown putting some of his stuff in storage, he said he's willing to compromise with Kim since she was freaking out over all his boxes.

Afterwards, Kris is in the car with his friend Josh and he said Kim was acting crazy, she was panicking, he is over her and he said HE'S ready to get a divorce!

At the end of the episode, Kourtney asked everyone what was the peak and the pit of their time in New York. Kim answered and said the peak of her trip was seeing Mason everyday and she said the pit was living with everyone.

Kris said he wanted Kim's peak to be living with her husband and you can tell in his face he was disappointed with her answer.

Kim said she was so excited in the beginning to start a new life in New York but now she realizes it was nothing that she wanted it to be.

Kim and Kris are then shown leaving New York and things look so awkward during the car ride and they're not even talking to each other and then they head for the airport.

***The Kardashian reality shows aren't over yet, now it's Khloe's turn! Khloe & Lamar make their move from Los Angelas to Dallas during their new season premiering on February 19th. Will you be watching?

What did you think of the Kourthey & Kim Take New York finale?