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Mob Wives: The Ladies are Cliqued Up and Taking Sides & Karen Has a Problem with Carla

"You Don't Wanna Go To War With Me!" Recap:

Mob Wives
kicked off with Ramona being released from prison. She said she didn't want to fall in love with someone involved in the mob because it brings her back to her childhood. Ramona was only 10-years-old when her grandfather Benjamin "Lefty Guns" Ruggiero went to jail.

She heads over to Karen's house and tells her the details of her jail night. Ramona said her and her boyfriend were handcuffed and then thrown in a cell for reasons she's still unsure of.

She said at the end of the day, this is the life you deal with or walk away from. I say walk away Ramona!

Carla and Drita meet up with Big Ang. Drita calls Big Ang the godmother of all of them. 

"...And who does not like a woman who talks like that," Drita said.

Drita said she remembers fighting in Big Ang's old bar when she was a teenager.

"Big Ang would be like oh that's terrible, close the door, never call the cops," Drita remembers.

Big Ang gets a phone call that her son A.J. has been in an accident. His car is wrecked but thankfully he's fine. 

She is very worried about her sons direction in life. Big Ang has two Uncles involved in organized crime and doesn't want A.J. involved in the street life. 

Big Ang and A.J. discuss their love life and Big Ang reveals that she's dating a guy who was locked up for 28 years for murder. 

"That don't make him a  bad guy," A.J. replied.

Oh really A.J.? Not that bad hunh??

Junior, moves back in with Renee. Renee said she's a sucker for him because Junior moved in last year, it didn't work and now they're trying to live together again.

"I'm gonna try to be less bossy but still the boss," Renee said.

Karen tells Renee that now has issues with Carla because Carla is siding with Drita and her lies. 

"Is she (Carla) that much of a p**sy licker that she's gonna take Drita's side always...b*tch you took the wrong side," Karen said.

Karen now feels the need to address Carla with the issues.

Drita meets up with Carla and her friend Derek, the guy who broke up the fight between her and Karen. Drita said if Karen was hitting her when she was being held by Derek then Karen is a punk b*tch for that. Drita also feels like Karen should have told Ramona that their argument was just between them.

"Ramona is there for Karen, so you're just a punk because you need the backup, Ramona is just a punk because she gets involved and I have no problem fighting them again, I don't care," Drita said.

Carla said ever since Ramona came into their group she's been a troublemaker. 

Drita thinks Ramona is Karen's sideline cheerleader and Karen thinks Carla is Drita's cheerleader.

Carla and Ramona later on bring their kids over to Renee's house for dinner. Renee complains about Junior's ways and says, "he left the TV on, he left crumbs, the house is a mess..."

"I hate crumbs...clean the mother f*cking crumbs!" Renee said.

Renee is a nut! Lol.

"...she's like over compulsive, or she might be drunk," Ramona said about Renee's crumb outburst.

Since Renee is friends again with Carla, she is hoping that all the ladies can get along. Yea, this isn't going to happen.

Later on, Karen calls up Carla and lets her know she has issues with her so they meet up. They haven't seen each other since Drita and Karen's rooftop fight during the first season.

"...the reason why I wanted to talk to you...because this whole entire summer, I f*ckin' hated your guts," Karen straight out told Carla.

Woah Karen! A lot of animosity. 

Karen feels like Drita and Carla are now her archenemies since Carla is taking Drita's side. She starts to get heated and says Carla is backing up Drita's lies.

Karen calls Drita a sucker puncher and said to Carla, "I wish you would've came to Renee's party to be honest, because I think you would've found it funny when your friend got a black eye...and I'm proud of it."

Karen continued to go off on a Drita rant and said to Carla, "You think you're f*cking Drita's lawyer..." 

Carla said, "The way Karen is speaking about Drita is disgusting."

"B*tch I'm gonna tell you right now, you're gonna go to war with me and you don't wanna go to war with me," Karen told her and she told Carla to get up.

Carla said she doesn't act classless, that's not her style and she gets up to leave the restaurant. 

Karen goes after her and tells Carla she invited her to dinner because she likes her. 

So the two decide not to discuss Drita and Ramona and they seem to work out their problems...for now and they take a drink to that.

"The one thing I respect about Carla is that she is loyal, even though she's loyal to a hoe," Karen said.

Who do you think is in the wrong?


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