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Mob Wives: A Night of Cocktails Brings Renee and Carla Back Together

On this weeks Mob Wives...

The show starts off with Drita meeting up with Angela a.k.a Big Ang and they talk about last weeks drama at Renee's celebration of life party.

"It's immature, a lot of bullsh*t for nothing, get over it already," Ang said about the beef between Karen and Drita.

***Side note: Big Ang's lips are crazy big! And that laugh...oh-em-gee! Lol.

Drita says Renee and Carla need to make up because they're all in a circle so her and Big Ang decide to get everyone together.

Ramona shows up to Renee's house and apologizes for ruining her party and said her and Karen didn't mean to fight. 

***Sure Ramona, that's why you jumped in right?

"Why does every girl I know have to be a tough guy, you know what ladies? We cross our legs, enough with the bullsh*t," Renee said.

Renee said she expected more class out of everybody. She also says Ramona is like family, being that they've known each other for years.

"We can fight if you wanna fight but I'll tell you might as well pick out your grave stone now," Ramona said about Drita. She said she has no tolerance for anyone who wants to put their hands on Karen.

Drita invites Carla to Big Ang's get together. Carla thinks her beef with Renee is petty bullsh*t and she feels like since Renee has a problem with her then Renee should call her. Uh oh, will there be another fight when everyone gets together?

Renee decides to write Carla a letter, wanting to deal with her problems in another way by not lashing out. But when her friend calls her and tells Renee she shouldn't write the letter and asks why is she reaching out, Renee realizes the "being a bigger person thing" is harder than she thought.

Big Ang says, she had a tummy tuck, liposuction, her lips injected, plus more and now she wants a face lift. Her friend, Linda named her "The Queen of plastic surgery." 

***After Renee's surgery that went totally wrong, I wouldn't even think of getting plastic surgery done! And Big Ang has had enough.

Drita wants to take the next step in getting over her soon-to-be ex-husband Lee who is currently in jail. She decides to sell her house because it has Lee written all over it, she said. 

Drita said she was raised where divorce isn't an option, people work out their problems. But, she said there is no one there for her to work out problems with and divorce is already in her head. 

Later on, she gets her engagement ring appraised and other jewelry Lee gave her. She said when Lee gave her the engagement ring he didn't propose, instead he asked if the ring fit. Wow! Oh, and the ring comes close to $100,000!

"I need to live life and be happy. I put my happiness on hold for a man, I have to move on," Drita said.

***I know that's right!

On to Big Ang's get together...

Renee just wants to know why Carla didn't come visit her while she was in the hospital. This is the first time the two have seen each other in several months.

"I'm f*cking tired of the bullsh*t," Renee said right away, as soon as she sat down. She wasted no time.

Carla said she never knew Renee was that sick while she was in the hospital. 

Then, Carla said she didn't like the things she was hearing, things that Renee supposedly said and that's why she didn't visit her when she got home from the hospital.

"You've always been my friend, why would you hurt me?" Renee asked Carla.

Carla said she isn't trying to hurt her and Renee said she will give Carla the letter she wrote, which she reads to her later on. The two ended their convo on a positive note with no problems and as friends again.

Renee doesn't understand why the other ladies can't squash out their problems in a non-violent way like her and Carla did.

Later on, Renee goes out to dinner with Junior, her ex-husband and says hopefully he can step up because she doesn't want to wait anymore. 

They both said it feels like they don't really know each other because a lot has changed since they first met, when they were teenagers. Renee said they didn't have the most successful marriage.

"That's because you like to control people. I'm not the one to be controlled and that's where the problem is," Junior tells Renee.

But, Renee said Junior kept cheating and had the nerve to blame her as his reason for cheating. 

Junior tells Renee she needs a door mate and Renee said,If I needed a door mate I would f*ck a guy that said 'welcome'." <<<< Lol!

Renee said she has been in therapy over their marriage and has waited for Junior to acknowledge the problems in their past. Junior said their relationship is now exclusive.

We learn a little more about Ramona's past relationship in this episode. She explains her life and says she has been very fortunate. She was married once and now divorced because her ex-husband wanted to go into the Mob and now she just has a boyfriend.

Towards the end of the show, Karen starts to worry when Ramona doesn't call or text her all day. When Ramona does call, she says her and her boyfriend were pulled over by an unmarked, undercover cop and then was ambushed by several cop cars. Now she's confused and she got released from jail.

Next week: We see some drama go down between Carla and Karen, remember Ramona and Carla don't like each other. So here we gooo!