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Mob Wives: Renee's Celebration Party Turns into Chaos & Fights (Video)

Fight time! All I kept thinking was, "it's about to go down!" And ohhh did it go down tonight on Mob Wives. 

Last weeks premiere recap

This weeks show picked right back up at Renee's birthday celebration of life party with Drita wanting to make up with Karen out on the balcony...but that doesn't go too well...

"I have a problem with you going around Staten Island telling everyone you f*cked me up..." Karen said to Drita.

Karen thinks Drita told people that she put her in the hospital. But, Drita said she wasn't spreading a rumor instead she was told Karen was in the hospital.

"Everyday I wake up and I have to talk myself out of coming to your house," Karen said.

The two start arguing on the balcony and then Karen's friend, Ramona intervene's and before you know it Drita swings and starts throwin' bows!

Their fight totally ruined Renee's party.

"These f*cking b*tches, not one night could they respect me enough to behave," Renee said.

Security comes and tries to break up the fight, which seemed like it lasted a long time and eventually Drita gets dragged away by her friend Derek. 

Ramona starts screaming like a mad woman that Derek hit her in the mix of things and she says Derek is the reason why her face is bleeding.

Watch the fight below:

After the fight, Drita accuses Renee of setting her up at the party to get jumped. Still inside, Karen runs through the party screaming for Derek.

Karen popped off and said, "I'll kill that f*cking ho" ...talking about Drita and then she starts throwing plates.

"I would've had more fun in the f*cking hospital celebrating my life then at this party," Renee said.

While outside, Renee can still hear screaming inside at her party. Ramona and Karen are now screaming at Derek and they want revenge on him for supposedly hitting Ramona. 

Renee storms back in the building and tells everybody to go home. Karen tells a bunch of guys that Derek hit Ramona and then the men get involved. 

Renee yells at Junior, her ex-husband, that she wants to go home because she knows Junior is on parole and he has an open case for being involved in a large drug bust (which he later settles in a plea agreement.)

But this doesn't stop the men from wanting to fight Derek. Luckily for Derek, he is tucked away in a van and the van speeds away before the group of men can get to him.

Renee's party was ruined, her presents were ruined and no one had the birthday cake! Renee said she doesn't want anymore drama and just wants a clean slate.

Back home, Carla hears about the drama at Renee's party and is thankful she wasn't invited. 

Ramona and Karen talk hella crap about the fight and Ramona realizes that Derek didn't hit her after all. Ramona said Drita is going around talking crap and saying she hit her, but Ramona said she was bleeding from Drita's cheap ring, not her knuckles. Karen said if Drita doesn't leave the situation alone then she'll get beat every time.

Drita and Carla recap the fight and Carla said, "I think I'ma just carry a wrench with me  next time because I don't wanna get my hands dirty."

As she's talking to Carla, you can see Drita's eye is messed up from the fight, like a blood vessel was popped. Drita said she will never try again to make up with Karen and says it was a one shot deal.

Drita was tweeting about her fight throughout tonight's episode. Here are some of her tweets:

 Drita Davanzo 


 Drita Davanzo 

Men are getting involved because Ramona is blaming an innocent guy like a troublemaker

 Drita Davanzo 

Lol I was playing spades wen I left these girls are hysterical... Beating.? There lucky they didn't grow up we're I did

 Drita Davanzo 

My right hand had no ring was my knuckles bitch

 Drita Davanzo 

I think Im gonna carry a wrench the next time...cuz i don't even think I wanna get my hands dirty 

 Drita Davanzo 
@ Karen saying I only pulled her hair...I can't with these's don't lie