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Mob Wives: She Said This, She Said That...Ramona and Drita Beef

Episode 5: "Old Friends, New Archenemies"

Drita has her friend Nicole come over her house for support because Drita is having a hard time signing her divorce papers.

"Once I sign that, it's official to me," she said.

Drita hasn't talked to her soon-to-be ex-husband Lee about the divorce though. She said she hasn't spoken to Lee since the last time he's cheated on her and said the divorce papers should read: "You don't deserve me." 

She enters the forbidden "Lee Room" in her house, a room full of Lee's items and she packs his stuff up.

Later on, Drita signs the divorce papers and said all she wants is an apology from Lee and to build a friendship from there. The problem: Drita said Lee won't admit he was wrong.

Karen meets with Ramona and catches her up on her meeting with Carla in last weeks episode. Karen said Carla's head is filled with Drita's lies. 

"At the end of the day Drita's the outsider," Ramona said.

Karen said that Carla called Ramona her "archenemy." Now Ramona wants to have a conversation with Carla.

"Now my focus is with Drita because this b*tch is starting trouble within the circle and it keeps going around and around and pretty soon I'm done catching my tail b*tch, I'm catching you," Karen said.

Karen later on breaks the news to her daughter that she's staying in New York while she sends her back to Arizona to go to school. 

Karen said New York is where she needs to stay financially and her daughter is safer in Arizona, there's no mob involvement there, Karen said. She said in the long run they can be together as a family.

Drita and Carla meet up and Carla tells her she met up with Karen. Drita's face got so serious when she mentioned Karen's name.

"Carla and Karen made up and I don't really give a f*ck but Carla should be careful because Karen can't be trusted and I can't really stand the b*tch," Drita said.

"If these two get together, God only knows what's going to happen," Carla said.

Carla later on meets up with Renee and fills her in on the latest gossip. She tells Renee Karen was getting mad every time Drita was brought up in their conversation.

Renee said she's disappointed because Carla and Karen's conversation had nothing to do with Drita.

"You don't get up in somebody's f*cking face and then apologize...," Renee said.

Renee said she has no problem being in the middle of the drama and later on, she met up with Ramona and Karen for dinner. Renee told Karen that she's disappointed with how she got in Carla's face. 

Karen gets irritated that Renee is defending Carla but Renee feels torn in between the ladies.

"I got up in her face because I was going to knock her the f*ck out. Take my foot, stick it in her neck until she couldn't breath and let her know she picked the wrong team," Karen said.

Karen said she doesn't want to repair her relationship with Drita.

Ramona calls Drita "the cancer" of the group and then she goes in. She said Drita molded Carla's brain. She also said Drita is not Italian, she only married into their Italian lifestyle. 

"She's a nobody, she's a crumb snatcher...she's a flip-flopper floozy, that's all she'll ever be," Ramona said.

Renee tells Ramona she's starting trouble and said, "I think you made me look like I'm not the craziest one of the bunch anymore."

All the drama between Renee's friends is starting to get to her.

"The girls are definitely making my depression a lot worse," Renee said. 

Karen plans for a big spa day at Renee's house (which we'll see on an upcoming episode) with all the girls and she invites Carla. This was Karen's way of letting Carla know that she's done with the drama.

"The fact that Carla is loyal to Drita, I respect that. But I feel like eventually everyone's true colors will come out," Karen said.

"I think this spa party wold be nice if all the girls got along, but that's not gonna happen," Renee said.

We'll see! (Renee reveals in an upcoming episode that she asked Drita to come to spa day, uh oh!)

Drita warns Carla about Karen's spa day and tells her not to argue with Karen and Ramona one-on-one because that's not all they role. Drita doesn't trust them and doesn't want Carla to get in a fight like she did during Renee's party.

Towards the end of the episode, Renee is shown dining with Karen and Carla and Renee tells Drita that Karen and Ramona had nothing nice to say about her.

"I wish they would get off my d*ck, if I had a d*ck they would probably suck it," Drita said.

Drita said she tried to make things right and now she doesn't want to anymore.

It's funny because, Drita feels like Ramona is in Karen's head and Ramona feels like Drita is in Carla's head. These two will most likely never be able to be cordial to each other.

Renee confronts Drita on an incident and said she heard Drita told her sister in-law that Ramona said her ex Junior married her for her father and supposedly Ramona said Junior is nothing but a loser without Renee.

Drita confirmed that was 100 percent true but said she felt bad. Bad for what? 

Drita said she probably wouldn't have told Renee what Ramona said if she didn't ask. Renee told Drita she thought she might say, "no I didn't say that." She also asked Drita if she would say the same exact thing in front of Ramona and Drita answered yes.

Renee had that crazy look in her eyes and now she has an issue with Ramona. Hopefully Drita isn't lying about those Ramona comments!

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