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Pretty Little Liars: The Secrets & Lies are Back as the Girls Put on A Show for 'A'

*** Spoilers listed at the bottom

After the Halloween special, Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily are back for the second half of season 2. In the finale of the first half, the girls were set up by 'A'  and were taken into custody after using a shovel, the murder weapon used on Allison, to dig up their therapist Dr. Sullivan who was believed to be buried. This all happened after they went on a hunt in the woods thanks to 'A.'

Pretty in Orange:

The premiere picks up one month later, with the girls picking up trash and wearing orange jumpsuits (pictured below). The cops believe the girls killed somebody but they can't prove it, so the girls were arrested and are serving out their community service sentence.

Spencer tells the rest of the girls they will not be accepting any deals from 'A' and the girls stage a fight, hoping to attract 'A's attention.

'Pretty Little Liars' go rogue in midseason premiere

Emily tells Spencer that her mother would throw the rest of the girls under the bus to save her daughter which results in a fake school yard brawl. 

The girls get released from their community service duties but because of Emily's and Spencer's "fight," they have to do an extra two weeks.

Aria runs into Ezra while taking a stroll with her brother Mike. The chemistry between Aria and Ezra is still there but now Aria's mom thinks Ezra is hooking up with Spencer. Aria wants to keep her distance to not cause anymore trouble for Ezra. But this doesn't last for long.

The ladies return to school and Emily tries to get back on the swimming team but because of her reputation, it doesn't look so likely. She bumps heads with Spencer in class and the two are still at odds with each other and Emily acts like she isn't talking to Hanna or Aria.

Emily receives a text message, "You were always my favorite. Want to make a deal? - A"

'A' took the bait!

Spencer meets up with Toby and tells him to stay far away from her, "If you really want to worry about somebody, why don't you worry about your sister and that cop boyfriend of hers!"

Emily shares the news that 'A' wants to meet up and they want 'A' to follow Emily as a set up. The girls plan to trick 'A' into thinking Emily has a box that Jason gave her with evidence that doesn't really exist.

Also, Hanna might have stopped her dads marriage before, because 'A' wanted her to in the season finale, but her dad got married anyway by the Court of Justice.

Caleb returns from California and reunites with Hanna and he decides to finish another school year in town. Comes to find out, Lucas was the one who talked Caleb into coming back.

Ezra Confesses:

Ezra later walks in on Aria and his ex Jackie and finds out his exes threats towards Aria. Ezra said he won't let Jackie destroy anything or anybody. 

Later on, him and Aria confess to Aria's parents that he is in love with their daughter. I'm so happy they finally confessed their relationship and they don't need to hide anymore! 

Ezra explains their love to her parents and things turn physical when Mike overhears the confession and punches Ezra in the face! Aria tries to explain things to her parents and make them understand, but they don't approve Ezra and Aria's relationship and the fact that Ezra was her teacher.

Ezra returns back to his office and Jackie is there. She tells Ezra he was making a terrible mistake and said she only blackmailed Aria to wake him up. 

"Get out, there's nothing I want from you and I won't let you do anything to her, so get out," Ezra tells Jackie.

You go Ezra, fight for your woman!


Emily recites the same script about the 'secret box' that the girls rehearsed earlier and Garrett, Caleb, Toby and others are around to hear their "argument" and it works because 'A' texts Emily right after.

Later on, Emily meets up with 'A' in a wooded area and brings the box. We see a hooded black figure. 

Emily tells 'A' that the girls lied, there is no evidence and 'A' charges at Emily, knocking her over as Aria and Spencer come to the rescue. 

'A' escapes and runs out the shed and gets hit by Hanna who pulls up in her car, but then 'A' gets up and keeps running. It is a chase in the woods but the girls lose 'A' or was it 'A'?

All of that acting for nothing. But maybe not, because 'A' dropped their cellphone when they got hit by Hanna's car and the girls found it! 

'A' gets to their car but realizes they lost their cellphone and can't get in so they bust the car window. So 'A' dropped their keys as well....uh-oh, 'A' is slipping!

Will the girls trap 'A' and finally get to see who is blackmailing them? Stay tuned!

-Warning- Spoilers Below!!!

According to Entertainment Weekly, 'A' will be revealed in the season 2 finale in March. I can't wait to find out who it is!

Also, someone will be arrested for Alison's murder and a beloved character will die, oh nooo!