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What is Today? Happy National Dress Your Pet Day

Hey pet lovers! Today (Jan. 14) is National Dress Your Pet Up Day! 

I think days like this are cute. Buy your dog an outfit, toy, treat or something and make them feel good. I'll admit, some pet owners do go a little overboard with pet outfits; like with the sunglasses and all the accessories. But, a sweater, coat or even a Halloween costume every now and then isn't bad.

I have a Yorkshire Terrier. His name is Maxi or sometimes known as Maxi Pad. And, he has clothes for all types of weather and occasions (Maxi's photo collage below).

I got Maxi as a present a couple of years ago. I got home late one night from the bar and when I walked in my house I thought I was bugging out because it smelled like animal. Lol.

When I walked in the bathroom, there he was... this little thing inside a cage, barking at me!

I was totally shocked! I'm like heyyyy, who put you there? Then I let him out the cage and he was just running around all night. And we've been best buddies ever since.

Maxi is by far the best doggy ever. He's friendly, quite, there's no barking at night or early in the morning. When I get up in the morning, he gets up. When I move, he follows me around like my little shadow. 

Whenever I come in the house, he's right at the door to greet me and whenever I leave, he jumps up on the couch and looks out the window (and he looks so sad when he watches me drive off). 

You can leave your house for five minutes and when you get back, a dog will act like they haven't seen you in days. 

And, I swear sometimes Maxi understands when I'm having a conversation with him. He'll sit and listen and shake his head at certain things...too funny.

Some Other Pet Dates to Look Out For:

  • Love Your Pet Day - Feb 21
  • February is Responsible Pet Owners' Month
  • Pet Owners Day - April 18
  • The 2nd week in May is National Pet Week
  • The 4th week in September is National Dog Week

This was just to be funny, that's my hat

Some of his shirts for spring

This raincoat is serious, he won't get wet with this

Maxi's Halloween costume
He actually doesn't like to wear the ears with it

His winter coat

I think these photos of him sleeping below are funny.


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