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WTF Wednesdays: A Man Divorces His Wife After 77 Years of Marriage. See Why...

I read a USA Today article last week that my friend Brittany pointed out. In it reads, a 99-year-old man is divorcing his wife after 77 years of marriage, over a recent discovery he made. 

Supposedly the man found old love letters which proved the wife was having an affair in the 1940's! The wife confessed to the affair after she was confronted.

So fast forward like 60 years later, the wife kept the letters this whole time, most likely she forget that she never got rid of them and now she's losing her husband over something that happened yearssssss ago! Wow that sucks for her.

The couple met during the 1930's! Ancient history.

Nowadays people get busted for cheating on social networks; Facebook and Twitter and this woman wrote about it in letters. 

If you found out your spouse cheated on you 20+ years ago, the damaged has already been done and you have been married for so long already, would you just let it go and stay with them or make them suffer the consequences?

Me personally, I would talk it out and see what happened, it would be hard to throw that many years of marriage away. 

This is such a weird story because the affair is old news but the man just found out so it's fresh news to him, it's like she just cheated on him.

Read the rest of the story HERE.


  1. That's tough because I will wonder how many other times you cheated that were NOT in the letters.


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